• Bonuses, free lunches, dinners, time off, perks.
  • Uh ... if they're already happy and efficient, why would they need motivating??
  • Try some of these tips:
  • If they are happy and efficient, what is the need to motivate them more? Maybe if you bring in Donuts or Bagels on Monday morning you can get them to do backflips?
  • My bosses have brought in candy before and put them in a dish of some sort. Hershey kisses,miniatures,suckers and sometimes doughnuts or cookies.
  • It's called the "fish philosphy" and it works great! We used to have it at my job and the office seemed to love it. There is a short novel about a wonderful work relationships and there are games and little fish prizes that are cute and useful. you should check it out:
  • if they are happy and efficient then what need is there of motivating them? seems like they are doing just fine..
  • The biggest motivator of all - cash. That can be a double-edged sword. But selectively and properly used in conjunction with other positive motivations and incentives, it can be a valuable motivator. For example, a comprehensive incentive system that includes awards tiered by timing (instant, monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual) and type (cash, prize, recognition award, benefit, work privilege - such as allowing the office to dress down on a particular day). It is also very important for any business to encourage their employees to suggest ways to improve the business through anonymous means and through ways linked to the incentive system. Certainly employees should not expect to be recognized every time they do something above and beyond, but on the flip side, good work should not be ignored. Encouraging employees to go above and beyond in a positive business culture can be rewarding for all parties. Other motivators include open-door policies, sponsored lunches, recognition events, gifts for holidays (not necessarily bonuses), cards or cakes for birthdays (my old office got a cake each month on the 15th and celebrated all office birthdays for the month), sharp logoed attire or trinkets that people might actually want to show off outside the office, charity events, holiday parties, team-building hours/days/retreats, compassionate treatment (flowers, cards) for employees hospitalized or for family members in the hospital. Celebrating marriage or new children of employees. An employee wants to feel valued and fairly treated. Make them feel those things and they will be productive.
  • Money always worked with me. LOL Actually: 1. Show them that you respect them - don't talk down to them. 2. Give them praise when they do a good job. 3. Ask them for their opinions. 4. Ask them for ideas to improve their work. 5. Listen to them - look at them when they are talking to you. 6. Thank them for their efforts to improve the work situation. 7. Work with them - show them that you are part of the team. 8. Don't play favorites - treat them equally. Good Luck!
  • insentive where i work we get an extra $50 a month added to our paycheck for being to work everyday and getting our work done. i have not missed one yet. keeps me going
  • Confront the unmotivated co-worker. Sometimes, a person can become unmotivated due to problems in their personal life. If that is the case, you can offer your help. If the co-worker sounds like they could use a therapist, you can recommend one. Use a therapist locator website to find a therapist in your area. Talk to your boss and explain the situation. In larger companies, it's possible that management may be unaware of a worker who is unmotivated. Once they have been made aware, they can implement new rules or procedures to help motivate employees. For example, a company can institute employee bonuses based on performance. Performance bonuses can go a long way in helping motivate workers. Avoid unmotivated co-workers if possible. If an unmotivated co-worker is stopping you from reaching your potential in the workplace, try to avoid the co-worker. You can ask to be moved or re-assigned to a different department if the problem becomes big enough. Stay patient. An unmotivated worker usually doesn't last long in the workplace. Sooner or later, the management is going to notice the decline in work and they will do something about it. Also, unmotivated workers will oftentimes leave a job that they don't think offers enough of a challenge. If you can weather the storm, you will be able to outlast the unmotivated co-worker.
  • geez all the work is done. tell me how to get happy efficient co-workers!
  • Paying them more
  • A good question to ask on a Monday morning... how was your weekend? Show an interest in your employees lives. I do realize that you can only do this with a small workforce.
  • Food, snacks, treats and $$$

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