• He really was a man who cared. The only treacherous thing he did during his administration was put in place those Japanese Internment camps, but everything else was for the good of the nation. Do you think he was really that bad? If so, why?
    • Thinker
      He knew long before hand the Japanese Empire was going to attack Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt allowed the attack to happen to rally the people to join WWII. He knew by getting into the war billions of dollars could be made by the many corporations supplying the materials to fight a war. The Federal Reserve Corporation, the Rothschild family of England, and the Warberg family of Germany financed all sides of the war making trillions of dollars. Wars are fought for greed over the maimed and dead bodies of brave young men and women. A tragedy isn't it?
  • I heard he cheated on Eleanor, but who the heck wouldn't have!
    • Thinker
      She also had a sexual relationship with her female press agent. Top government officials including presidents have sexual relationships with others while in office.

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