• Because they think it will upset their partner.
  • LOL, who knows, because we all know they do it. I guess they're ashamed by it for some reason.
  • The feds?
  • I don't :-p *loads X-Tube*
  • For a whole number of reasons - probably embarrassed, maybe don't want to offend or upset their partner but possibly they want to avoid the next question....why do men look at porn!? I always think it is harmless as they are looking at pictures/watching videos of people they will almost definitely never meet - far better than out looking for the real thing.
  • Perhaps it is so that women will stop nagging them not to look at it.
  • It usually destroys their chance of a relationship with that woman (or, if she spreads what he's doing) other women.
  • To spare the women the pain they may feel and not to be held responsible for making women, in general to feel insecure, in any way.
  • Because admission would only lead to an arguement; and this admission would always be brought up in any future arguements
  • If my man looks at porn he's out the door...maybe that's the reason.
  • Not all of em lie about it :p
  • I don't lie about it. As a matter of fact, if I find some that is very good and a bit tasteful, I'll show it to my wife. : D
  • Let me give you a typical scenario of what happens when porn gets brought up. (NOTE:This is satire, angry women-Don't comment, I don't care how upset you are) Woman-"Honey were you looking at porn?" Man-"Yes" Woman-"Okay" *Woman than logs onto AB* Woman on AB-"OMG my husband looks at porn! What should I do? This makes me feel so insecure as a person, I can't understand that a biological need and a loving relationship are two entirely different things!" *Two days later with man and wife* Wife-"Honey...we need to talk" Man-"Ok, how 'bout them Tigers-" Wife-"No WE need to talk, so please let me" Man-"ummm but the games about too..." Wife-"I don't care, honey listen. We need to get to the root of this 'porn problem'." Man-"It was porn. Theres no problem" Wife-"It's a problem, we need to discuss it" *11 hours later* Wife-"Do you understand" Man-"I missed the game, I'm hungry, and I think I was drooling while sleeping-I mean paying attention. But yes, I understand" Weee I'm creative today.
  • This one doesn't yo...
  • Men, lie because they have to, if they could look at it, there would not be a reason to lie. If women, would realize that looking at the porn, has nothing but visual stimulation, which men need, they might quit being so insecure with it, is is just the naked body, which is beautiful. I like to look at nakedness, I dont think that is bad, I think it is sexy and erotic.
  • Yes, but I don't see the reason for lying about watching porn it's normal to watch it.
  • i think the only guys who have to lie are the ones that are in a relationship with a woman that makes a big deal about it......come on girls~ it's erotic and sexually stimulating (visually) sometimes you see something and say...dang! we gotta try that:) i enjoy watching it with my hubby and if he's watching it then i know he'll be looking for me in a little while and it's always gonna make me feel good :) i think some women just get worked up probably because of insecurity or something......i don't understand it but it just seems a shame to make it a big deal when it has nothing to do with your true relationship ~~please, this is just my opinion and i respect all of you whether you agree or not so there's no need to blast me with down rates~~
  • Porn is basically a man thing. Its what guys do. When your guy says he is going pig hunting with his friends for the weekend, he is really going to a motel with his friends. They rent porn movies and watch them twentyfour hours straight. Maybe some sports. They drink beer and hang out and have Men Fun. They like to celebrate being men. Free from the ties of their women. Porn is a men's club. At night they go into town and watch the live shows. They get lap dances and go berserk all in the name of Being a Man. Because on Sunday night they have to return to being husbands and fathers and following the code of the Family. They are sworn to secrecy. They arent really telling lies. Its a code of committment they can not break.
  • We women watch porn too! Does it bother men when we look at big weiners and get turned on?
  • Because we don't want to hurt our woman's feelings. Got a problem with that?
  • because!
  • what a LIE !
  • Otherwise they are guilty as charged. Sometimes it is important to lie.
  • No Men lie about it because they shouldn't be looking at it in the first place. If you single and with no one than fine your right men need that visual stimulation. However, if you are with a woman who has no problem sexually and is all over you and you are attracted to her then you have absolutely no reason to look at anything naked other than HER (your girlfireind or wife)! Men do not need to see different woman naked etc. if so then they should stay single! Second of all for all you women out there who think it is ok cause he looks at porn and then comes looking for you, unfortunately it is the women he was looking at that he pictures you being while you having sex with him. It is not you he is even thinking about! To me that is a problem!
  • Do they? I'm a man and I don't lie about looking at it! In this day and age, men as far as I know are no longer considered perverts when viewing it. My wife doesn't care that I look at it. Quite often we'll look at it together, then the games begin LoL
  • My men don't because I will look at it with them. They look at it for whatever reason they want to do it for. They lie about it because a lot of women get offended, hurt, thier morals wont allow it, but the men are too drawn to not look at it, so they lie.
  • Men lie because they're made to feel guilty and ashamed. But I'm immune to guilt and shame. I like porn. My wife likes it more than I do. Hell, if anything it makes her even sexier to me, as if that were possible.
  • Some porn guys look at would be considered gross by some people eg bi porn Some guys dont want to get a lecture or evil stare as the other person might consider porn evil Some dont want their g/f to think he is freak for looking up x amount of porn Some dont want their g/f to think they prefer these other girls compared to her If he looks up cubby porn for example then the g/f will probaly think he is only dating her because she is fat etc
  • Surrendering your desire to sex is a form of male weakness. Even mighty empires in the past has been destroyed by one sigle beautiful woman. Thus men has a conflicting equation in his head. To be man is to be strong. To be strong is to overcome all temptations. So surrendering his desire to looking at porn means he is too weak to overcome temptation and thus he has to lie to keep up the delusion of a strong minded man.
  • Why do you care. do you not trust them that much.
  • they realize it could be degrading to girls. its not something men are proud of. you have to admit, it is a turn off to know that a guy watches porn. it shows mans greatest weakness. ladies you have complete control.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      What a bunch of crap. Buy a tire!

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