• There could be two reasons why he hasn't spoken to you. The first is that he is upset and hurt, even though he may have started an argument, he may not have expected you to respond back in the way that you did and therefore he is taken aback by it all. If this is the case, he should respond back shortly and make up. The second option is a little more negative. He may have engineered an argument and a split in order to avoid the dramatics of breaking up the emotional way. If he isn't calling you, that indicates a lack of interest to make up or to re-affirm your relationship. Either way, an sms message explaining yourself should be ok but give him space to take it in and sort himself out. Don't crowd him otherwise it makes it worse. Hope that helps...
  • i have been in this situation before with my boyf, although he wouldnt talk to me cos i pissed him right off, so wat i did i gave him some time to calm down and then went over to his house and just sat there untill he said something to me. we then calmly start talking about it and then i do something to him that he likes to show that im sorry ( not always sexual) i would bring him his fav food or just give him a massage or something. but that is only if i do something wrong, wen he does something wrong, he hardly ever apologises, in words. his actions let me n that he is sorry and since i love him i forgive and forget. unless it was something really bad then i would not forgive him
  • Give up. I am in the same situation. They are so mean aren't they? Mine is mad because I broke up with him. But why the nastiness?
  • "Come back to me....but it's your fault." That's not going to work

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