• Sorry, I deleted my answer... it wasn't very helpful.
  • Yes, it could. i would plan for an emergency exit, just in case you ran into trouble. one month is not long enough to go on a trip as you have described. what do you believe he expects from you on this trip?? give it some thought and be prepared to have answers.
  • If you decide to go, let someone else know where you are, who you are going with and when you'll be back, and make sure your boyfriend knows that someone else knows all these things. I live in Eastern Europe and a lot of girls here went on trips like that and never came back. A little paranoia is rational these days.
  • Probably he's becoming more serious... have you met many of his friends? It sort of depends on him, some people take "inner circle introductions" more seriously than others. If you're concerned about "overcommitting" by joining him on his trip, have a discussion with him to set expectations and boundaries during the trip, for e.g. sleeping arrangements and escape routes. I'm with the other comments on this question -- it doesn't hurt to be careful -- also, you might want to meet the other friends before you go.
  • If he's paying yes, if he's telling you he's wanting you to meet his close friends, yes. If it's dutch and you will be staying in your own room, I'd have second thoughts.
  • Yeah I believe it is becoming more serious. This trip could be a decision maker for him.
  • Uh, NO.....I wouldn't.........casually dating and then he wants you to travel with him? no way......just tell him you're 'not the outdoors type'....if he's really sincere, this one little turn down won't affect the way he feels about you!!!
  • I wouldn't read too much into it. Probably just doesn't want to be without you the whole time.

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