• I think it's misplaced passion.
  • i think they should go home and trash their place. that way we dont pay for it, and they have to clean it up
  • I wonder the same thing after every Super Bowl, College Bowl (or any college game, actually), Stanley Cup, etc. In fact, I came here to post my own question on this topic. Last night, the Phillies won the 2008 World Series. Most of the crowd in the streets of Philadelphia just whooped it up and danced and partied. Appropriate, logical behavior for folks who have something to be happy about, right? But among the lighthearted were pockets of houligans who weren't happy just to be happy in their City of Brotherly Love. They were filmed from a helicopter destroying storefronts and looting like it was Katrina Jr., costing the owners thousands. Another group nearly turned over a live news van, possibly with people inside. Fortunately, cops stopped them from destoying the van, but imagine if these thugs had succeeded. News vans are outfitted with probably more than a hunded grand's worth of equipment, and innocent people could have been injured just trying to do their jobs. So obviously, I can only answer this question with another question: why? Why why WHY??? Not to usurp the position of the OP, but I would love for someone who actually participated in a sports victory riot, or committed even minor property destruction during such a celebration, to post here. Tell us all what in God's name was going through your mind. If such a person is reading this right now, would you please step up and help us understand this? Surely you can see why it makes no sense to those who've never participated. So please, give us the perspective of someone who did find himself making the conscious choice to celebrate by being destructive or violent. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to be honest.
  • I wonder what on Earth possessed them to do such a silly thing. I agree, way to go morons.
  • I think they should be crammed into a special World Championship Shark cage and then submerged in the Red Triangle until they chill out. ;)

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