• Yes when I was younger my parents always took me to Newmarket Ontario. I always hated it there and just found it to be the most rural, boring place in the universe with nothing to do. It was always super hot with crickets chirping. This was in the 70s mind you so maybe things have changed.
  • I also asked a question similar to this one, and yes I have. I am a country girl through and through. I have been to Giant cities and there is no way I could deal with the hustle and bustle of it, not saying other ppl don't love it, I just don't. I started missing the stupest things like "normal" trees.(Florida has lots of palm trees):) I like to be able to go outside and play with my kids in our yard and not have to worry about them getting hit or taken. So all in all I love being a country girl.:)
  • Most definitely. I have said that many times about cities, although I know that we tend to stick with the familiar.
  • Try this rural island!
  • Uh, no.
  • I feel that way every time I go into a city or town. I spent my first 25 years in a city and couldn't wait to leave. Now that it's getting harder for me to walk and do things, city life may have to be a possiblity again. I hate to think that though, it actually brings tears to my eyes. No more stars(unless I'm at an observatory), can't hear the birds wings swooshing as they fly slowly overhead. Alot of simple pleasures will be missed for sure.
  • Pretty much anywhere I've been to in the Central Valley of California provokes that response from me... Why would anyone live there? The air is bad, it's extremely hot and gross in summer. I know that the area is important for agriculture - so I'm glad someone wants to live and work there - but it's definitely not on my list of places I'd be willing to live.
  • Oh yes. I have lived in huge cities, and I have lived in small towns all over the world. I currently live in a small town by choice, in the middle of Indiana. It is very quiet and peaceful here. There isn't much crime, and no one is really ever in a rush to get anywhere. It is very relaxing! There are some places, way out in the country, that make me wonder how people can stand to live so far out of the way.
  • Yes - the city was Fitchburg, Massachusetts. UGH! Also on the list: Orono, Maine
  • Yes. However, I think that both about certain cities (I HATE dirty cities - London first and foremost) and about certain too-rural, too-poor areas in the country (think trailers on cinder blocks where you HAVE to have a pickup to make it over the roads.) I could happily live in a NICE city - usually smaller cities are nicer. And I'm happy to live in the country - though I prefer to be in the woods to near manure-using farms. Small towns or suburbs are my preference.
  • Athens MI
  • I've been through several but not many and I've been all across the USA and half of Canada.
  • I live there now (Houston)
  • Yes. Mountain Home Idaho. I wonder every day. Then I look at the residents and understand immediately.
  • NYC more than anywhere else. FILTHY!
  • East St. Louis, Illinois. Gary, Indiana (lived there for awhile, similar to Hell's kitchen in NY)-They had to send out 50 national guards to control the gangs one summer. I want to live in an extremely rural area! I'm sick of apartment buildings.

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