• yes I would be upset..those are big decisions and should be made together
  • In a word. Yes. We'd be 'discussing' it pronto.
  • Yeah, HECK YEAH. I would call them and cordially UNinvited them with a quickness.
  • To be honest, no, not really. Family "togetherness" is a very big part of my S/O's culture. So much so, that I would probably half expect him to invite them, anyway. They are all nice people who believe very strongly in the family support system. Being upset about that would make me feel like a real ass.
  • Yes I would be very hurt and disappointed, especially if that was the only trip of the year, and I was planning on reconnecting with my S/O.
  • Not really no simply because his family are hilarious and i would love to go on holiday with them as they always seem to have a blast, but my s/o gets bored with his family very easily so he wouldnt do that but if he did i would be fine with it whether he asked me or not, as long as im not paying for them lol
  • Beyond Upset, it would evolve into a WAR! Number 1, that is a decision to be made together and Number 2, his family drives me nuts.
  • Yes, I would be. It isn't that his family wouldn't be welcome. I love them and we have taken many trips together. However, nobody should make a decision that has a major impact on others without consulting them first.
  • Yeah, I would be upset. But I know he wouldn't do that. We've gone camping and his parents kinda invited themselves along, and they also invite themselves to stay with us for a week at a time (in their 5th wheel, thank God!) and it drives my husband nuts!
  • Actually and honestly ! It would be interesting to be a part of a large family and we could eventually try to have our own private time too .... away from the prying eyes ... :-) !
  • no, he should have asked you first.
  • Yes, I would be upset but then I would invite all of my friends and family and see how he takes it, more than likely we would turn it into a big party which would be a blast or both sides would be called off. But the party would be a much better idea if others HAD to come. You may get along with their family but you wanted time with your s/o, that time is no longer yours and you will have to share him or her your entire trip. Call up a friend/family member or 5 so you can also have someone to run around with during the day. You and your s/o can take breaks away from them (make them play hide a seek to find the 2 of you!) LOL Whatever you do, make it fun!! OH, AND INVITE THAT FRIEND YOU HAVE THAT HE OR SHE JUST DOESN'T CARE FOR AT ALL, THE SOUND OF THEIR VOICE SENDS UNEARTHLY CHILLS UP HIS OR HER SPINE. And more than likely, he'll ask first the next time around!
  • Oh yeah. In a big way. I adore my in-laws, have got on with them since the moment I met them; I am more involved in their lives than my husband is, but if he were to invite them (or anyone!) along without asking me I would be extremely upset. I probably wouldn't go at that point.
  • that would depend on two things...1) what were we planning for vacation. if it was a second honeymoon, yes, i'd be upset. if it was a week at a FL beach, no i wouldn't be upset. 2) what our relationship with his family is like. if we all get along well, want similar things out of a vacation, etc., no problem...if not, no way!
  • Let's just say that I would tell him to have a good time and I would stay home.
  • I would be very upset with him. I would let him know that I was upset and that he should hve discussed that me first.
  • I'd be livid and just THIS side of wanting to eviscerate him. For sure. . . . .he'd be going WITHOUT me!
  • I would be very upset; communication is the rule in relationships. Nip that in the butt now.
  • Yes, absolutely. It was rude for him not to consult you. Having to entertain others on vacation is a hassle, and they will probably try to dictate what activities you do on the vacation. You should lovingly confront your SO and tell him that you thought this was going to be a private vacation, and you feel it was disrespectful of him not to talk to you about inviting other people along.

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