• What do you like? What are your interests? What are your favourite bands? Think of things and colours you like and decorate your room with your own individual and original design.
  • Plants are good for the air, take up space cheap and work with nearly any taste. A good start
  • Framed photos or pictures jazz up a wall nicely. Yes, plants are great too but they need the correct amount of light. Be sure to find out how much before you bring a plant home. And be sure you will care for it too, watering and repotting. It's not much but many people are not plant lovers and will kill their plants. You can also buy a nice lamp or two from an inexpensive store. Something attractive that is pretty to look at and provides good lighting too. You can buy some nice curtains or shades that add color.
  • Don't forget "Trash to Treasure" too. Often you can use items that might not be considered an INSIDE thing to create a look that brings the spirit of outside IN. If it's kind of ugly...check out different paints that would transform it to YOUR color choices. Another fun trick that I enjoy is to go fairly basic in my back ground color choice, then change seasonally the "trimmings" I use. Different colored pillows for different seasons, a simple change of a lamp shade, or different pots or baskets I use to hold my beloved plants. A different color throw, or area rugs. Remember too in a small space you can let baskets and other items serve double duty as holding containers. An old Truck can hold stuff, and serve as a coffee table, or bench if it's sturdy enough. Treating yourself to fresh flowers, grown by YOU or bought, from a single rose, to some cheerful daises will also brighten a room and your mood too more than likely. The big rule, unless you are doing a high end corporate success look....Never buy or place "stuff" just to fill a space. ONLY buy or put out things you love, that make you feel good in some way when you use or look at them!
  • I will show you my version of 'art' which is all over the place through the beauty of my door, as it represents it best. See what you think
  • Well, I could tell you some of the things I have in my room, maybe you'll get some ideas. (Complete with photos!!!) -A dartboard, with a whole bunch of random stuff pinned under the wire spokes. (Subcategory: Things on the dartboard- 11 pieces of paper, each with DALLAS printed on them in big red letters- A Russian army construction corps patch- two large letters, the kind you use for temporary signs (They're both Vs.) -A hanging paper lamp with a raggedy slip of red cloth from and old skirt hanging on it as a shade for accent. -Two 'Scarface' movie posters I found by the side of the road. -A silver tea service on my desk, also found by the side of the road. -Boris Fingleman, my room gnome. -And last (And probably least.) what may quite possibly be 'The Loudest Shirt In The Known History Of Mankind!!!' ( I hang it on my closet doorknob, mostly because I'm contstantly looking for excuses to wear it.) Hope this gave you a few ideas.
  • First and foremost- color. A good color on the walls will make a drastic color by itself, just be careful what you choose. some small rooms aren't good for dark colors, because the room will look even smaller. You can do all one color, or a different color on each wall, or maybe a simple design like a stripe all the way around. If you like wallpaper, try it. Posters and pictures are a great addition to make a wall look less empty, you could also add a calendar, a hanging clock, or some artwork of your own if you like to paint or anything. Hanging wall lights are a good accessory too. just don't over do it, or the room may look cluttery and thrown together. Bed- of course some sheet sets will make a change. There are tons to choose from in plain colors or designs or florals, or whatever.
  • If you are looking for dorm room inspiration check out the <a title="Furniture for sale online" href="">furniture store</a> online that offers free deliery and set-up! And if you can check out their <a href="">executive desks</a>.
  • Look at furniture stores, model homes, IKEA, or any commercial interiors to look at interior design solutions done by professionals. Online too. Make notes and/or take photos of the things you like and see how they deal with the whole room (including doors and windows).
  • not sure, ive never been much of a decorator myself

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