• your tongue is white? Get thee to a doctor, and bring your piercer's information as well in case he's someone they'll be "familiar" with.
  • It is normal for your tongue to be white. It's the bacteria. Just use the rinse they gave you it will go away. You just put a hole through your tongue. It's not natural, it will swell and hurt. It can be swollen like that up to a week. Just hang in there and keep it clean.
  • I had a friend get his tongue pierced and without any of those side effects. You clearly have an infection (maybe you weren't using antiseptic mouthwash several times a day like you were suppose to.) The mouth if full of bacteria. You definitely need to see a doctor urgently.
  • i got my tongue pierced ten days ago .. n its normal for you tongue to go white most people tongues do as this is the bacteria. my tongue is still swollen .. but doesnt hurt at all . it can take 1-2 weeks to heal depending on the person so this is totally normal. jus keep rinsing your mouth out after everything you eat or put it in your mouth. hope this helped ..

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