• I know many "stout" fellows.
  • i don't believe voluptuos means tubby for women. Voluptuous means curvy and shapely - not fat. And you also might ask, why a skinny man is called "thin" and a skinny women, is labelled "anorexic"... :P
  • I agree with jcjuice. Voluptuous means curvy in all the right places. A tubby lady would typically have curves in the WRONG places.
  • Because a man with grey hair is distinguished and a woman with grey hair is a hag?
  • The just have to "support" the right fat cushions and they are voluptuous, too - not necessarily very masculine any longer, though.
  • because women's bodies are sexier in general then mens. Women can look good at any weight as long as they're not obese.
  • Well i would say Voluptuous for a woman means curvy, not necessarily tubby, and i would call a 'heavy' gentlaman 'Portly'!
  • It's all about where the tubby is. A woman can carry extra pounds because her was made to do that sort of thing, whereas a man's body has no attractive place to put it.
  • Would you rather he be "voluptuous" as well? :(
  • 'cos blokes can see through 'colourful' words and prefer to call a spade a spade, not a manual terrain excavator.
  • they're not. They're 'husky'
  • Voluptuous, when you're rounded with curves. Men doesn't have curves.
  • I would use the word Portly rather than fat.
  • Voluptuous means curvy, bosomy, even juicy like in a juicy peach. SO it depends on where you gain those curves. You don't want a man with curves, large breasts, in at the waist from that, wide hips. You want a man to have a different kind of a figure, possibly if a man gains weight evenly he's just big, not tubby. Tubby to mean means weight all ion one place, like a big belly just hanging there. Even a woman, if she gains just in the middle, that 'apple' shape, isn't voluptuous. Some women, no matter how much weight they gain, never get bosomy.
  • i've been told i was voluptuous and i aint fuckin' tubby and if I am some one's ass is getting a beat down. Plus men are Cuddly!
  • BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE STUPID. - - - I hope thats the answer you were looking for.
  • For the same reason men sweat and women glow?
  • Why is it, there are men who confuse voluptuous for fat. It's not the same thing! It's the difference between an hourglass and an apple. And, an hourglass can be skinny. 36-24-38...voluptuous. 40-30-42...voluptuous. 40-36-42...not very voluptuous! (Just in case you're wondering--no, I'm not one of these figures. But I am somewhere between the first two.)
  • A tubby gent is called: Stocky Husky Portly Well Favored
  • Tubby is fat; nobody ever looks at anybody (male or female) overweight and uses the word "voluptous." So much BS responses to this question, I can't believe it. Fat people are fat people, except when their our own friends or family members then their "voluptuous" "curvy" or "fluffy." The females I know who are overweight soften the term fat & those around them(friends/family) including myself do the same. There's no point in telling them their fat, they know it. Men on the other hand, accept their body alot more easier. Tell a man he's fat, and he'll probaly say, "bring me another beer then, just make it a light beer." In my opinion, I don't think females mind a fat man, as much as men mind a fat female. Women are catty, they do talk crap about fat females. Females are in fact, the first to talk crap openly about others, for the most part.
  • My brother says "only women are fat"
  • I grew up in Miami, FL. There were always tubby gents at the beach. These guys would have the largest man=breasts known to man. Stage 3 gynocomastia. It was a scene man. And those old candian dudes who would come down from Quebec and wear their red speedos with the hair backs....oh that was a sight for sore eys.....

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