• Because they permit it. Hardly any of them lead by example.
  • Some women are threatened by other women. I have been there, but it is a waste of energy. Not worth it. I would rather be her friend than covet what she may have.
  • Women can easily become jealous of a nother women
  • because we are all catty bitches...kidding not all...but boy women can be nasty to each other
  • When you say "girls", I assume that you mean not-yet-women/yet-to-be-adult. I agree that girls can be very mean to each other. I don't know why, exactly. I've never been one of those types. Queen bee types tend to be nasty, that way. I guess, it might be control issues. Boys are means to each other, too though--just in their own uniquely stupid ways. Girls tend to use words more. Although, I do know that these days girls are increasingly more violent. When I was a teenager, "cat fights" didn't happen even half as much as they do today. It furthers my suspicion about there being unnatural hormones injected into our foods. It's one reason why childhood obesity is more common. It's also one reason why children are going through puberty at a younger age.
  • Are they more mean to each other than boys? Maybe boys fight more and girl tease. Teasing can sometimes hurt people (mentally) but violence will always hurt people (physical).
  • cuz they r sooo jealous of each other. They have to be mean to others in other to feel good about themselves. Its quite sickening. Also it has a great deal to do with boys, men etc. its quite sad but its the truth
  • What I hate about women is the cattiness and backstabbing. Women will act like they are your best friend and then use anything you say against you. Most of my guy friends say that men at least know where they "stand with other".....Women can be so deceitful!!!
  • We don't respect ourselves as people or our abilities. So when one of us succeeds or accomplishes something positive in life we too much tend to regard her achievements simply as luck or as deriving from her looks or sexuality or knowing the right people. Because it threatens us to see someone as better than us. So we want to think of ourselves as sort of all on the same level and not any better or any worse than each other. Which is why we are so quick to commiserate but so slow to congratulate. So if one of us distinguishes herself we feel threatened because we think OK if she is doing that it means I can't do it because she is taking it from me. In other words our thinking comes from scarcity and we can't even imagine that more than one of us would be good at something or that there would even be room for more than one of us to excel in it. So out of that jealousy comes hatred and resentment and we attempt to destroy that person in whatever ways we can. Which is very self-destructive. Because we are not taught to focus enough on achievement but more on looks, clothing, family, sex etc. So we tend to see things through those mediums. Which unfortunately does not permit us to enjoy the success of one another let alone learn from it and emulate it. So instead we tear down and belittle such achievements to try and make ourselves feel superior which of course is in the end futile.
  • Where I come from we are not mean to each other, we stand together as one big sisterhood.

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