• Wise? Probably not. But, I'm still convinced that wondering "What if" is the worst thing there is. Sometimes it takes doing something unwise to make yourself happy.
  • If it was JUST me that had their emotions at stake then yes, but because that is not the case. No. Because one of you MIGHT get hurt. I would take my time, trust takes time to earn, why rush it?
  • no i don't think so ill do it... because i can't be sure in this short period of time even if i have a strong feelings for him... i have to know 1st if he has the same feelings for me...
  • Think a couple of times before you do that thing..You might regret it in the end.
  • It would be important to figure the other person's feelings into the equation too.
  • No. Why not give it some time and see how things go? This way the relationship has time to build and become stronger. If it is meant to be it will last the test of time and this way you do not "give everything up". Why would you have to give up everthing to have this relationship? That is an unhealthy start in my book.
  • There is no such thing as perfect happiness. Understand that and the rest of your life will be just fine. The best we can every achieve is contentment ever after. People who are content with life are happier most of the time. Contentment means satisfaction, or being comfortable. One can't be sad all the time (well you can, it's called depression) one can't be happy all the time. Being mad/sad/glad or scared all the time is a 'bad' thing. With that all said, let me sally forth to relationship advice... 1 month is not long enough to know if a person is well matched for you. (There is not thing as a perfect match either ;-) ) Well matched means a person who is different enough to where your differences harmonize, but similar enough to where you can share large chunks of your life. Your weakness should be matched by his strengths, his strengths should be matched by your strengths. You might not ever find the perfect match either - but you can find someone who is close enough to where you too can compromise where needed (find a middle ground) to smooth over those rough patches. 3 months into a relationship a person starts dropping their mask - WE ALL WEAR A MASK when we first meet a person. Until we get comfortable around a person (about 3 months)- then we start letting our true self show. Little things like farting in their company - to the big things - if we are a psycho we let it show around then. Things like if we are tidy person or not, if we say a certain phrase too much (oh sure it might be 'cute' at first - 3 months later you might not think its so cute). All of these things I like to call 'foibles' - foibles can make or break a relationship. 6 months into a relationship and our true ugly mug is revealed - anything that we hide in earnest from the world we will not hide any more. Well except in those rare cases were we are say a mass murderer or something along those lines. By 6 months into a relationship we are comfortable enough to let our self out - let it all hang out, if you know what I mean. By that time both individuals should have a good idea if they can stand to be around each other for the long haul. Another 'bad thing' about being so early into the relationship is how we allow our mad passion to do weird things to us: When we first meet a person and 'click' having that passionate love we also tend to blind ourselves to the little faults of the person - or we make the biggest mistake, decide we are going to change those little things. Little things that we think of as 'cute' at first become annoyances later on. Some times it gets to the point where those once 'cute' things are so annoying that we start building up resentment over them - those things become fuel for a fire of frustration that turns love cold. Between our masks, our blinding ourselves and a few other things it is ALWAYS best to wait 3, 6 or more months before doing something drastic like run away and leave everything and everyone behind. Do your self a favor, get to really know this man before you drop the life you have for a life you can not really be certain you will have with him.
  • I think you are speaking of the one, that feeling is priceless, but I hope it works out for you, I set myself up for a major let-down like that, good luck! +5 for good luck in the next level!:)
  • It depends on what you have to lose. It is probably not wise because you know so little about each other. Also, reality rarely lives up to expectations. But if you feel it's the right thing to do then take the chance.
  • No ~ not wise at all. The opportunity of perfect happiness is not the only opportunity that situation could incur and my life is worth taking care of and guarding very well :)
  • Yes, leave it all. As a matter of fact, just email me, & I'll give you my address to send all your stuff to.
  • Some times one can confuse happiness with infatuation, give it a little while longer, maybe another month... Remember your last? did it not feel like pure happiness within the first month? Though whatever your choice may be, i truly do hope you're happy :)
  • First of all, you can't forsee "perfect" happiness. You barely have known this person. I actually did what you are thinking of doing. I married him and had a reched marriage and a bitter divorce.
  • I'm not clear on WHY you'd have to leave everything and everyone you know behind in order to be with this man. When I start a new relationship I include my new partner into my CURRENT life (introduce them to friends, family, etc), I don't run out and start a whole new life that revolves around this new person.
  • Be careful there... a month is not that long... how much do you really know about him???
  • Personally, I don't think a month is long enough.
  • You really need to weigh the pros and cons of this. If things work, maybe you will have perfect happiness. If you leave everything and everyone you know and things go sour, you will be lost. You won't have anyone to turn to because you threw them away for something you weren't entirely sure of at the time. Believe me, the feeling of alienation is not a pleasant one. Depression would surely follow. Not to mention, you would probably beat yourself up over it for quite some time. In the end it is your life and your decision... Just THINK about everything first! Plz.
  • After being acquainted for only one month???Get outta here!lol!
  • Ask yourself this: Is it wise to waste another day of this too short, precious life NOT enjoying "perfect happiness"? I'd go for it. :D
  • No. A month isn't long enough for anyone to really know anyone, unless you were visited by the angel Gabriel or something telling you to go for it, imho

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