• it sounds like the blood rushes to your head because your heart is not pumping the blood sufficiently throughout the body evenly creating an imbalance thus making you feel a rush.
  • do you have back problems?
  • Yes I would suggest you lie down in a dark room take a Tylenol and put a cold towel on your head Good luck! I suffer from this almost on a daily basis so I know how you feel
  • No not exactly. You sound like you may have a blood pressure issue when getting up from sitting. That may be causing your headache. Migraines feel like a blinding pain, and any little thing will cause them to get worse. For me it's light. I wear sunglasses even on rainy days because I get such bad migraines. Summer is living hell. You should see a doc about that pounding feeling, if it's a BP issue you need to get it under control!
    • Molden Molt
      Exactly the same thing I thought right after reading the question.
  • I also get that from time to time. My grandmother said it's a sign of high stress levels, for me it's finals at the moment! Change in blood pressure is your body's way of dealing with stressful or dangerous situations. I think it's rather common.

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