• a....there's a cute little mouse!!???
  • The shows are so entertaining. Not only that but they have a wide variety of music artists who will eventually become succesful. I love to act and I think Disney is a great oppurtunity to start an acting career!! It gives young people good oppurtunitis to become succesful, it's not like I sit in front of the T.V all day watching Disney because well, I don't. But the people who work for Disney have very good imaginations to come up with all these ideas. Besides it's one hundred years old so something happens in a long period of time lol.
  • Their classic animated films. Their cable network however can cause young children to actually lose brain cells.
  • Still living off the legacy of the founder, a wonderful man, Walt Disney. He's turning over in his grave with what has been done since his demise.
  • Beats me. Disney was a nazi and the movies have been exactly the same since the first one. As a kid, I liked the animated 101 Dalmations. That's the only one I ever liked and the book was better.
  • They're one of the few major film companies that make family friendly movies that's what I liked about them.

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