• yes, many times. I have learnt that it is the sign of an unfulfilled perfectionist. In real life, you may be having trouble getting something important right, but in your dreams you can do so.
  • I had dreams like that, haven't had many recently. I used to try and fall back asleep so I could see what happens in the end. I swear if I knew how to write a book, I would have some interesting stories to write. I can see that relating to unfullfilled perfectionism, I always want things perfect and try to do it in everything I do.
  • I don't have it the same night...but I have a series of dreams..same dreams after a fixed period...I once had a series of participating in a athlete competition, where the first two time I dreamt of winning the Gold, and the third time, silver.I don't know when will the next competition be:)
  • thats only ever happened to me once (at least that i can recall) it was a weird dream... it always started off with me escaping out of my bedroom window, through some woods - and then whatever my mind wanted to do lol. needless to say this dream included scooby-doo, a triceratops and a little girl named constantine.... dont ask...
  • 2-16-2017 For a while, I would critique the dream and rerun it with a different script. After doing that a few times I would realize that I was only telling myself stories, so I would shut up and go back to sleep.

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