• Stop waiting for him to come along. Go find him.
  • sometimes we are ALL guilty of having lofty expectations... nothing wrong with that ...but you have to ask your self 'am I being realist' and maybe..just maybe reassess and redefine what you are after in a partner...and trust me there are heaps of great guys still out there grab your hunting gear and go out and snare your self one...good luck and happy hunting
  • I didn't find the right person until I was 31 and I married her when I was 35. I didn't settle for someone that I knew I didn't want to grow old with...but I had a hell of a lot of fun while I was waiting!
  • You may be being too picky. One of the first standards that should fall is that of male model for fashion mags. THEY are about as real as female models for Victoria's Secret! Another standard that must fall is that of someone with the money of Donald Trump or Bill Gates. They are very few and far between. Looks for someone that's decent looking, has a job, has his own place, and has a great personality. (Sorry if the standards I'm talking about are NOT yours... There ARE a lot of girls out there that seem to expect them.)
  • maybe you are afraid of what others will say if you have this kind of guy or that, but what is important is that you have to stand on your own opinion. Love could be as wonderful as what you want if you will work on eat. Love is not define by the standards that we set, for if it were, then GOD would not humble himself towards us. "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways" -James 1:8
  • how long is "a long time?"
  • don't lower your standards girl, you'll regret it if you just settle. however, waiting isn't always beneficial. go out and do unexpected things. enjoy yourself while you look for him instead of sit around and wait. . good luck
  • Why don't you try kicking your high standards to the curb for a while and just start fresh. Perhaps some guys just need some gentle training yet. You might miss out on a future great guy if you judge him too quickly because he doesn't know he should treat a lady yet. If his father didn't raise him that way he'll have to learn that as he goes.
  • You sound like my sister, she is now 45 years old, and during those years she had one serious relationship, which she ended with in a year.. Please don't be to picky like her, other wise you'll end up lonely like she is, and will never be happy... I've been now with the same guy for 12 years, and trust me, he's not the type of guy where you'll give him a second glance, but man if you could read someone's personality then their looks, it sure would make it a lot easier.... I was very picky too and only went out with men who had to be 6ft or more with blue eyes and no hair on the chest, but usually they turned out to be dumb, or pig headed, So I'm so glad I met this guy and gave him a chance, and it turns out that he's got a great since of humor and is a great father of our kids, and man does he ever make me laugh.....But that's not every semi good looking guy out there, there's hot guys too that could be the perfect guy, I don't know, things always seem to happen for a reason........ I hope all goes good for you and you find that special someone.......
  • you are too picky..
  • Without know you better and just what your standards are, none of us can really say if you are being too picky. It could be that you ARE being too picky or it could be that you are just not hanging out in the right places to meet guys that will fit your criteria. So, without a lot more information, all any of us can do is take shots in the dark. I will right this though, you should not compromise your think morals just to get a man.
  • Don't lower your standards. It's better to be alone than to be with the wrong person.

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