• Absolutely. I would think that would be hard to hear for any parent...even if the child doesn't mean it.
  • Oh Honey, of course it is!!
  • Yeah, you can cry, just not in front of them, and yep, they don't mean it, but boy does it hurt.
  • Yes Most kids say this to a parent at some point because parents have to make decisions and provide discipline. Don't try to be buddy, buddy with a child and let them do and have anything they want. Use reason, reality and the size of your bank account in helping make decisions. And, they only mean it for the moment. It's the decision and/or the discipline they don't like not you.
  • yeah its ok to cry. i took a child development class and what it really means is that they are mad and just don't know how to say that so "i hate you" comes out instead.
  • Yes it is hurtful but the "I love you's" and "loveyou" things they do far outweighs this....they must love you because they feel they can say this as a way of showing emotion without too much comeback from you, as they get older they understand more of the tools of life and things change. + :o)
  • aah bless you - ofcourse its alright! Its natural, happens to the best of us! (and its not nice)
  • of course it is, but it is best to not cry in front of them. You can let the child know that it hurt your fellings but make sure you let them know that you still love them.
  • Yes, it hurts a lot I know:) Just know they are learning this stuff from outside sources and they truly do love you:) Just have the strength to know they are little and they really do not know their actions yet. Just explain to them how they hurt you and teach them right from wrong and show them you love them:)
  • Yeah! I never ever, not once, not even in moments of extreme anger said to either of my parents that I hated them! And if my child ever tells me that some day all hell will break loose in my house. I feel that that is so disrepectful to parent for a child to say that, even if they don't mean it- parents do so much for children that they don't even think about or relize until they are older. I hope you have a nice long talk about respect with your child.
  • I have 3 daughters and I remember well the first time it was said to me. It cut me in two. You just need to keep in mind that they are angry when they say it. I explained to my girls that words can be very, very hurtful and that they should stop and think about what they say. Even though you can always come back and say you're sorry, you can't take it back.
  • In my opinion, .. yes. After all, I would probably be hurt if my parents told me that they hate me, even if I knew they didn't mean it.
  • I think so. I haven't been hit with that one yet, but I have been told she doesn't like me. And that really sucked.
  • If you feel the pain, it is best to let it out than to hold it in.
  • Are you kidding? I didn't feel like I was doing my job, as a mom, correctly until they said it! In fact, the louder they said it, the better I felt! lol
  • its fine to cry - as you said they didn't mean it but it doesn't make it stop hurting. i would cry i know when i was going thru my difficult teens years i said it to my mum once, the look on her face... she's knows i didn't mean it but it still upset her. mum's are appreciated a whole lot more when you leave home!!!
  • Sure, if that gives you an outlet for what you're feeling..just don't do it in front of your child. It is usally a very young child who blurts that out, in frustration over being told "no, you can't". What really hurts is when they are older and say, quite calmly, "I don't like you very much". That cuts to the quick. :( Happy Wednesday, PP! :) ((hugs))
  • I would try not to take it to heart...we all hear it at some point I think. My daughter is 14 and very strong-willed, stubborn and opinionated (just like her mother) so we frequently but heads.
  • It is far more useful to initiate a discussion with the child about the meaning of "hate", because they probably don't understand even the least implications of what they are saying, but they need to stop it before it becomes common in their presentation. Surely, they have no concept of what hate is or what is involved in your love for them. Usually, when they grasp even a portion of the meaning of hate and love, they will renege and cease using the term.
  • Sure it is. Parents are allowed to have feelings too (((hugs)))
  • I have never understood why some parents allow their children to disrespect them by protesting to an adult decision that was made for the child. I often wonder is it because the parents think their grooming the child to speak his or her opinion. A child has a place,a child that respects his parents would never tell them that he hates them ,atleast not to their face. Freedom is great for a child but I think some parents think that children imitating adults in their response is cute ,but it shows the lack of parental guidence, soon the child is like you're a peer not a parent then he curses you, storms off, yells, and tell you what he's not going to do.Is this rational? Or do some parents just lack the skills to raise a child? Analyse This: Are you walking the dog or is the dog walking you? ( I know children are not animals it's just a staement to ponder)
  • Yes it is okayto feel like crying. I felt like it the first couple of times. But you know what, I have a very strong minded loving little boy! And I know that I am doing my job as a parent when I hear those words!!! think of it that way. It is just a test of the will. Don't let your child win!!!!

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