• Despite the show's popularity and extended fanbase ranging from kids to adults, the show was axed after the 9/11 tragedy. It was beleived that a show featuring a megalomaniacal alien attempting to destroy the world was 'too sensitive a subject' to be showing after the 9/11 attacks. Unfortunately the show was cut in the height of its popularity. Most fans of the show agree that using the 9/11 tragedy as an excuse to cancel the show was a bit underhanded, as well as a bit of overreaction. Invader Zim has not been picked up again and there are currently no indications of the show returning. Note that there may be other reasons given for the show's cancellation, but supposedly the 9/11 tragedy was cited by Nickelodeon as the primary reason why the show was cut.
  • The reason Invader Zim was cancelled was because Nickelodeon says it was too gory. (but to tell you the truth, I've seen more blood on Rugrats) And another reason is, because of new shows coming on in 2001, it was moved to another time slot. And because of this, children who couldn't stay up past 9 PM could not veiw it. Also, many say because of 9/11 Nickelodeon thought an alien trying to destroy all man kind, was too dark, for the tragic time. Touching, yes? Well, thank Nickelodeon, and Ben'laden, or whatever his name is, for this GREAT show's loss. I miss you Zim, i won't forget you...
  • As it says in those, I guess the low ratings brought it off the air. On the second one it is the first question.
  • who could give that show low ratings. i used to watch it everyday, and i still watch all five seasons on dvd. i loved that show, it was sooo awsome. i gess that just goes to show how stuck up some people are!
  • It was because the show appealed to an older age group than it was meant to. It mainly appealed to teenagers from 14 - 18 while it was meant for about 9 - 12.
  • Low ratings?
  • It was because the show appealed to an older age group than it was meant to. It mainly appealed to teenagers from 14 - 18 while it was meant for about 9 - 12.
  • Some people say that it was because of 9/11 and some say that it was because the makers put something called a "bloody GIR" a image of gir covered in blood. Nick had to cut that scene off of the few episodes they could find this "bloody GIR" on. I have no idea if this is true but some people seem to be pretty sure that its one of the reasons. These GIRs are very hard to spot and blend with the back ground.
  • it was "innapropriate for children" it sucks. I love GIR
  • becus parents said it was to dark and violet is what i heard but i think its asome and they should bring it back
  • PEANUT BUTER IS AWSOME!!! okay now that i got that of my system i have a few theries (however you spell is lawl) of why the show was canseled 1.the 9/11 event 2.goth and gore (meaning gothic kids and blood and guts) 3. GIR was retarded (thats whe whole point of GIR NICK!!) 4. Bloody gir found in 14 episodes 5.low ratings and new timeslote (that sucked lol) now then, im and 11 year old girl and if i can come up with all these ideas and sound like a 34 year old man i must be smart!! either that or nick is lieing to every body OR... (lol again) rumors are being spread amung a million places!! and one last one, detail number 6!! 6. jhoean visquits (i cant spell it lol!) was a dark and deep person and when nick found out they though we cant have a person who made bad comic books be a show creater so they fired him. 7.some main person in the show quit the voice 8.nick though a grown man doing a high voice was bad (GIR's voice was edited by computers!! just look at spongebob!! no computers!!) 9.they though invader Dib sucked (i saw it and it didnt lol) 10.nick though aliens would give little kids nighmares because they though an alien was ganna abduct them... Now then if i can come up with ten reasons... im a smart child!! I LOVE DIS SHOW!! (said by GIR) ~ Invader Kat
  • loads of ppl say it was because of low ratings, 9/11, or the bloody gir. to let u kno, bloody gir does exist in some of the episodes. i looked it up, and the directors did put a faint picture of a bloody gir in some of the episodes. you can find these frame-by-frame pictures by looking for them on google. i used to love invader zim, but i do think it was dark for kids when i was younger. if it does come back, nick should try to make it appeal for older kids, rather than young children. i used to watch the reruns when i was really young. but parents didnt want their young kids watching it.
  • First of all, I love the show especially the Garbage Idiot Robot or GIR for short. According to Nick, it wasn't really nice at that moment (9/11)and it contains a lot of gore, violence and stuff. The ratings of this show is pretty high on its 1st time slot (im not sure if it was 5 or 7), but when they moved it to 9 pm, the ratings got lower, (duh...curfew? kids can't stay up later than 9).
  • Because it was creepy (But cool) and the writer of it was a maniac with MAJOR issues. I also bet they got complaints from parents! People brains where being sucked out, but GIR was a Sexy beast!!!!
  • i dont know the answer. well thats probably why i'd be searchin it but anyways, i love invader zim and so does everyone else i know(it happens to be my favorite)and as i was reading the answers i thought wow! people should protest for them to start airin it again.
  • I don't know the exact answer but I heard that parents thought that invader zim was really violent for some kids. Other people say that on the intro of invader zim there was a bloody gir hidden somewhere. Someone drew that bloody gir but it was kinda hidden, but nickelodeon actually found it.Or maybe they canceled it because they wanted to add in Fairy God parents the cartoon.Again I don't know the exact answer. These options might be true. 1. Parents thought invader zim was violent for kids 2. A mistake in the into about a bloody gir 3. Or they just wanted to add Fairy God Parents
  • The guy made a comic book in North america. It never made it to Japan, I don't think...
  • The show Invader Zim was canceled for the following reasons: 1. Parents never liked the show and thought it was too dark and violent for children. 2. It didn't attract the age group it was supposed to. It was basically made for 9 to 12-year-olds but was liked by teenagers and adults. 3. There is a hidden image of GIR covered in blood in some of the episodes. You can see it clearly in the opening of "Mortos Der Soulstealer". 4. Nickelodeon kept making Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim, add changes in the episodes and Jhonen got sick of it and quit. 5. It wasn't getting high ratings from 9 to 12-year-olds
  • It was too good so they canceled it to piss us off like all the other good stuff in life.
  • Invader Zim was cancelled because the producers of the show had planned to put a Bloody Gir in an episode, but Nickelodeon wouldn't allow it. Because of this, the producers snuck the Bloody Gir into the show, but only in small, frame by frame images, almost impossible to find. Youtube has videos of it. A person saw it and reported it to Nick, who then cancelled the show, which I loved. I'll miss you Gir...
  • one of the people that worked for the show wanted to put a bloody gir in one of the shows but they said not so he hid them trow-out the shows and nice found on and asked what it was and they said it was gir with pizza sause and pepperoni on his eyes but nick knew it was blood so they banned the show :[
  • I was practicly 11 when i first watched this with my cousin and this show was the bomb man it made me and my cous crack up so much that our lungs was startin to hurt haha man so much memories but yea i wanted to know too on why they cancelled it?
  • Because it became far too popular with fat goth/emo girls. Its good name was ruined by its horrible fanbase.
  • it didnt appeal to the goal age range and some asshole-ish perents said it was too dark violent n stuff like that and they thought dark harvest was highly inapropriate also the creator put hidden pics of what is called bloody gir appeared in some opening sequences exc or in other words nick is just stupid 4 getting rid of the best show ever

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