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  • no no, it has nothing to do with him wanting to be back with you. Some people like to date people and then break up with them only to SORT OF have a relationship. They know that the person they dumped wants them really bad and it is exciting. It has nothing to do with him liking you! It's a power thing
  • Either what SaraMonster said, or he's had his eyes on someone else, and while still having access to you, he can still pursue this other girl without technically doing anything wrong. Break it off.
  • Yes, they want you in their lives. You can have sex and still be friends, but they are 'free' to see other people; a person they've had their eye on or so; like my friends above have mentioned. I too would totally breakup with him.
  • you need to value and take god care of your feelings. you two already broke up. and if he really likes to be with you he will tell you that he wants another chance. but if he is just taking you out for dinner or coffee as what you wrote then just go out with him but know your limitations. dont do it with him. please. you will only regret it or worst it can hurt your feelings and you will keep on thinking if what you did is right. the guilt is there. so just enjoy each others company, date other guys if you wish too. go out with your ex if you want to but dont do it with him. take care
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