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  • I think that you can do your chapter readings for sci275 and easily find these answers and easily discuss how one of the six water challenges is a problem and how humans contributed to it through pollution, and contaniments and the such. You should try to do it yourself and ask for a little help, but you shouldn't be asking others to do your homework assignment for you because it's wrong.
  • Its a shame that I use the internet to locate more information than the reading provides, and when I research the topic, I frequently am directed to a website where someone has the question posted and is requesting the answers. if you dont want to do the work, pay someone else to do ut, please dont affect the search engines i use by posting the exact search so it sends me to your question. I am taking this class to learn, not just for a grade.
  • Your answers are in the reading that Axia has so kindly provided. WileyPlus Chapter 11.3... it even has pictures if you are science challenged. Good luck with the final.
  • Don't blame it on me, damn it! I did NOT pee in that ocean!
  • I do think that we should do our own assignment, but I must say thank you to whoever helped by pointing out chapt. 11.3. This led me in a great direction to complete the assignment, but did not provide me with the answers. thank you
  • over fishing to feed the demand of the over populated earth. Huans consume almost 133 million tons a yearin seafood. Fisherieas are meeting the demand with high price seafood. The process is causing areas to be over fisshed and the fish can not re-produce quick enough. Also the netts destrot the reefs and other eco systems. good luck
  • Thank you to the person who pointed out 11.3. This is a boring class, so reading all through the chapters bites! That is why we ask for help... if you don't want answers do not click on the link...

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