• Probably is just anxiety related to some form of stress. In that case you need to learn some breathing and relaxation technics. However, I would advice you, just to be sure, to seek real medical advice. Good luck
  • Anxiety, but I'd still talk to a doctor.
  • if youve been worrying about stuff and having anxiety then it might be. but you still need to go to a doctor to be on the safe side. it wouldnt hurt if you did but it could if you dont go.
  • Missy ~ That's not good. Please go to the doctor asap and have it checked out. Don't ignore it and think it will go away. It might not and it could be serious. (((BIGGEST ( CAREFUL ) HUGS)))
  • I would say there is a chance it could be something as "simple" as anxiety. But either way it's nothing to mess around with/chance...please make an appointment with your doctor just to be sure! I have a problem with what I can only describe as "heart flutters"...because that's exactly what it feels like, the flapping of wings in my heart usually followed by a little shortness of breath. I believe I inherited my mom's malfunctioning mitral valve .
  • Probably anxiety but GET IT CHECKED OUT!!! Never play 'let's wait and see' with any potential heart problem, they have a bad habit of turning into dead people very quickly.
  • Whether it is anxiety or not, you should see your doctor and have your heart checked anyway! You can never be too careful when it comes to heart health!
  • It could be either, I suggest seeing a doctor asap.
  • The only one that can answer that question is a medical professional, so you need to see your doctor. I have never had heart problems, but if I were experiencing what you are I would not wait around to see what comes next..I'd call the doctor immediately! :)
  • not that i know of, maybe you should go to the er if youre experiencing that
  • I do. I was born with a heart murmur. I also have angina. You should probably get a stress test done. that's what they told me when I was having chest pains

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