• There is no way to know what Jesus looked like since there weren't any cameras and there weren't any portraits taken of him. The way Jesus is represented in all the old artworks is probably inaccurate. They modeled him after the men in the area of the artists-European painters (Jesus is usually protrayed with long brown hair, fair skin, very skinny, tall etc.) Think about it. What was Jesus? He was a Jew. He was a carpenter. And he spent most of his life outside traveling from place to place preaching right? Then we can only conclude that: -Jesus wasnt all that tall -Jesus had dark skin, possibly VERY dark skin since he was in the sun -Jesus was BUILT(buff and strong). He was a carpenter. There are other things about Jesus that most of us probably didn't know like: -Jesus was physically unattractive -Jesus had short hair and was clean shaven The two above points are justified at the link I provided. This is my view. I'm not forcing it on anyone. Again, my point is that we really can't know what He looked like. I included the link to a very useful website. Please look through. VERY interesting.
  • Great question! You would actually think that if this man was so well followed that he would actually have a painting or sculpture made to honor him. The world will never know. Edit: The reason there arent many early sculptures/paintings/mosaics of jesus is because of the roman empires control over religion. It wasnt until about 315AD, when constantine declared christianity as the new religion that christian art works sprung up. There are some early mosaics of a clean shaven jesus but he is still fair skinned. Some art works you could try looking up depicting jesus(all after 315ish) Ambulatory of Santa Costanza, sculpture of christ seated from Latina Italy, Sarcophagus of junius Bassus, The good shepard from the catacomb of Saint Peter and Marcellinus, Christ as the good shepard in the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia Italy. Jesus didnt get his beard till sometime around 530ish CE. Plus im sure people wanted to abide by the second commandment *wink*
  • This is just speculation, but , I think I am right in this. We were never ever supposed to worship the man. We worship Jesus as the God who created us, who came to the Earth to die for us, and was resurrected to prove He was God. People have an unfortunate tendency to worship "things" as in praying to statues, etc. There are no pictures because He knew what would happen if there were, and did not want that. Think of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, the entire country of Israel. There are wars, coveting, theft, murder, and worship of all these. Men kill for their possession. God wants worship of Himself, not his mug shot. Jesus was no respecter of persons, and we are not to be either.
  • Are there images anywhere that shows what Jesus might have looked like WITH the facial hair?
  • 9-27-2017 The face you associate with Jesus is the face on the shroud of Turin. Prior to discovery of the shroud, nobody had any clue about the appearance of the lord. After the appearance of the shroud, every facial detail on it was used in every picture of him, although the shape and color were the same as people in the artist's neighborhood. The only eye witness record we have says he had blond hair.

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