• I've seen it, and despite its abysmal reviews I liked it a lot. I think it's eventually where the world is headed, even if it's not within my lifetime. And yes...I look at the whole world VERY differently.
  • I've seen it. I saw quite a bit of truth in the movie even though it was a goofy comedy. I don't look at people differently because of wasn't really telling me anything that i didn't already know.
  • I've seen it awhile ago and it raises a point that's been bothering me on the back of my mind my whole life. I don't see people differently (or I already did.) The truth won't really be so simple, and intelligent people wouldn't really go extinct. Mostly it bothers me why the movie hasn't been played in theatres more than necessary by contract. It may be an oppressed truth.
  • Yes, great movie. Got totally reamed in distribution by FOX though, which is why almost nobody has heard of it. Glad to meet some other people here who have seen it, I think while it's not the greatest movie ever made, I consider it a very important one. As with Office Space and Beavis & Butthead, Mike Judge managed to make a movie that was so close to the truth that you just have to laugh to keep from going crazy. Like APACHEmeansENEMY said, didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, unfortunately.
  • Good movie. It makes me fear for the future a bit, but I don't look at people different.
  • Saw it. Loved it. Leary of morons;)
  • The future is NOW! Have you scene Youtube? OUCH MY BALLS!!!
  • I saw that movie and it changed the way I viewed the world because I really do believe stupid people are breeding out there and smart people are few and far between. Its a funny movie with a good message.
  • I think of that movie often, actually, when I look at America and how anti-intellectual it is today. This could very well be where we're headed. You can either laugh or cry... (Did you notice this new TV show WipeOut? It basically IS "Ow, my Balls!" - and it's for real! *sob*)
  • I'm on a mission to stop stupid, uninformed, apathetic suburbanites from re-producing and raising more stupid, uninformed, apathetic suburbanites. I've been ranting about this for years and then one day, people started just giving me a look followed by " should watch idocracy" i really liked it. makes a good point in a stupid way...part of the joke maybe? i dont really look at the people around me differently anymore as the movie just confirmed a long time belief as opposed to introducing a new idea.
  • I saw it and liked it. It doesnt make me look at people any different. But I do try to get others to watch it. Its just like the vote thing. We have someone who went to college and got a degree in politics and his vote counts the very same as the guy who dropped out of high school to sit in his moms basement and get high all day. <SIGH>
  • Doesn't really make me see other people differently...maybe it makes me see myself differently. Makes me insecure. I mean, it doesn't take much to see that everyone around me is stupid, but myself, well...that's harder.

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