• It doesnt bother me, as long as the ladies are around my age. (2-3 years each way)
  • Generally I prefer older men, but I have dated younger (no more than 1 year younger though).
  • older because girls ussually mature faster than boys and they have more expierence.
  • I like men that are 5 years younger, have blonde hair, listen to metal and have lived in Utah for at least 25 years.
  • I have never dated a younger man so I really cannot say.My husband was 6 years older than myself.
  • My husband is older than me, but I don't really have a preference either way. I've had long-term relationships with both older and younger men.
  • I never allowed age to factor in when I was getting to know someone. I know some older guys who behave like children and some younger guys who were settled and acted older. The main thing to me was their ability to listen.
  • Well, my perfect man(in my mind) was always my age, but then I met the real perfect man and he is 7 years older than me. So I guess I like older men! haha
  • i don't discriminate.
  • I've always liked mine older but now that I'm getting older someone my age would be nice...And I can't believe I actually said that...But whats even more shocking is I meant it.
  • I've always thought that it was a little creepy when the lady is older than the man...
  • I like smart, interesting, decent women. they can be 15 years younger or 15 years older. It's not about physical age.
  • Well, my boyfriend is older than me. However, he's not older than me by much. I just turned 18 recently and he's turning 19 soon.
  • I love an older woman! My wife is 5 years my senior!
  • I'm almost 44 and I'm only comfortable dating men my age or a few years older.
  • The quality of a person's character, their honesty, how loyal they are, how compassionate, kind and considerate, are all of far greater import than either age or appearance. My first wife was drop-dead gorgeous, but very fearful and materialistic. This time, I married my best friend from online. Neither of us will ever win any beauty contests, but she loves me without reservation and is one of the least fearful or materialistic people I know.
  • My wife is younger, so I guess that would be answer.
  • I thought I liked older. I am only 23 but for me most guys my age are not mature enough for me. I started dating older and realized I felt more uncomfortable with a 30 year old lets say because he most likely has been divorce and has kids. I seem to have preconcieved notions that all men at 30 are mature too or have baggage that I am not ready for. Anyways, I have been going out with a guy for almost 4 months and he is my age. Things have been great. I am suprised because for the last year I have been dating older. I think for me there are pros and cons to dating young or old but ultimately if no one kept track of how old they were age would not matter. I think I like the idea of dating an older guy but I tend to go for the younger ones in the end.
  • just a few years older than me.
  • Real women love beautiful well mannered men no matter what the age.
  • I prefer younger women. But it is just a preference never know who that special person will be.
  • Between five and ten years younger.
  • I think I'm best by myself. I've dated older and younger, seen maturity and immaturity in both, seen youth, vigor and excitement and the lack of in both. But I've also gotten vigorous with an older man and he had a heart attack and then a stroke! And that was scary until I remembered another even older that was just fine. So you never know... And if you're not healthy enough for vigorous activities don't do them and be honest with your partner! You could die and traumatize your partner! There is much more to intimacy than vigorous activities!
  • 10-4-2017 Older women don't smell, they don't yell, they don't swell, and they're grateful as hell.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't smell? Do you mean they don't emit an odor or they can't smell your odor? That description doesn't describe me at all!
  • Depends, if the lady is extra sensual and plays along I don't place much of an age barrier!
  • I like older women.
  • Older men, cause they are more mature, financial and possess more property.
  • My husband is younger than me.

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