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  • I think suicide is the decision of someone who is ignorant to the possibilities because they can't see past their own pain. That said, suicide is "dumb", but people are driven to that through tremendous grief, stress, strain, depression or mental it is not "dumb" like the decision to become a smoker or to drink and drive or to have unprotected sex with unfamiliar partners is. In any case, it certainly isn't "smart".
  •'s dumber than dumb
  • I concur with you here. It is a very tragic event.
  • Only in that life has so much to give, and the possibilities are endless... The biggest thing that bothers me is that people who suicide don't seem to realize HOW MANY people are affected by their decision. No matter what's in any note left, no matter how alone they feel they are, there are always people who love them, and will blame themselves. There are also all the friends they have, even if they don't consider them as friends (classmates, workmates, church members, etc.), and those they don't even know, some YET (think "It's a Wonderful Life"), who are and will be affected. They also should not feel they are alone in any feelings. MANY others have gone through it, and are while THEY are feeling it. Life is worth living, no matter the hardships, no matter the "suffering" - both emotional and mental, no matter HOW long you feel whatever way makes you wish to end it all.
  • Yep because life is precious. :)
  • yes it is dumb. like seriosly, who would want to commit suicide. who wants to die early?!
  • i think its more final than anything else?
  • Suicide is a awful thing, I know a lot of young people who committed suicide in the last three years, its bad.
  • Dumb no, sad yes.
  • Yes, but not only that, its wrong.
  • nope two words natural selection
  • A plain and simple no.
  • I knew 2 people who commited suicide. One sat in the bathtub as not to make a big mess to clean up and stuck a .38 in his mouth and fired it. The other went in his shed, closed the door and ran his lawnmower. I knew both of these people personally, they both did lots of dope and were nuts. I don't miss either of them. They did themselves a favor and the rest of the world.
  • No I don't think it is either dumb or intelligent. It is an unconscious act by someone who desperately needs to relief the pain they are in. Regards.
  • Well, there are many worse ways to leave this world... That's all I have to say about that.
  • I wouldn't say its dumb, that wouldn't be the right word for it ... But, when someone is feeling suicidal, I don't think anyone can understand what they're feeling or going thru unless you've been in that situation yourself. As an outsider, you can only think life is precious, why on earth would they wanna choose that option etc. But, something could be so painful or whatever, that they feel suicide is the only option to end all pain. Well that's my opinion, you may not agree.
  • I think suicide is a way out. That doesn't mean it's a smart thing to do, though.
  • An understatement, fer sure! ;-)
  • No, I honestly think that if you want to kill yourself and not be of this world any more, you should be allowed to do it.
  • No. its a long-term solution for a short-term problem a sad choice but whos to judge?
  • I think it's the epitome of 'selfish'.
  • it's not only dumb, it is also a selfish act
  • No it isn't dumb, of course it is not... i am actually disturbed by the amount of people here that think it is. It is a very difficult decision thay maybe you don't understand, but is not to be taken lightly or be insulted.
  • No -- I would like to know why not one person answered the question, How is the best and painless way to commit suicide ? I won't to know sincerely. I have had enough,and can take no more
    • pearllederman
      cause noone wants to tell others how to do it, i heard it might not even be legal
  • I think it's selfish
  • Its a cowardly way out.
  • It is selfish...very selfish. The person who does commit suicide gets out of his/her misery...what he/she leaves behind is a lifetime of misery for everyone much more selfish can you be than to condemn your loved ones to a lifetime of heartache? :(
  • Dam and Final.
  • some times its the only way....
  • In a way yes. One gives up everything they have because they are having a bad day or a set of bad days. There is nothing after death and today might not be a good day but tomorrow may be the best day of your life. Why throw away that possibility.
  • I don't think dumb ... irrational and selfish perhaps ... Where there is life there is always hope ... when life is lost ... all hope to recover has gone ... In order to ease ones pain by suicide ... creates a lifetime of pain for the loved ones left behind ... without a chance to help ... Many fight for the possibility of any life ... to throw it away by reason of a down moment ... is the ultimate waste.
  • No. I think it's incredibly sad that some people feel there is no other answer.
  • no suicde is not dumb
  • not really.i think its really upsetting for someone to find that there is no other way out of there problems.i think about killing myself alot mainly because i just lost my mom and i am young i am 14 and its hard.but i get threw it.i really dont think dumb is the right word for it...kinda more like selfish maybe?
  • suicide is brave
  • yes , i mean is having no life at all better than life that someone lives
  • Dumb isn't what I'd call it. But there needs to be more options for a person that is contemplating suicide. More people to talk to, more of something to help them realize that killing themselves is not a way out. NOTHING is worth killing yourself over.
  • yes, cause sometimes you can ruin your life just for trying, like people shooting themselves in the head become blind, stuff like that

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