• If you're "not prejudice", not to be confused with not very articulate in standard English, why do you care?
  • Well, I'm pretty sure they will. I'm not married. I'm black and I find white girls attractive, so I would mix interracially. So yea, it would be on the rise.
  • Well yes. I am a white girl and I've always been attracted to black guys.
  • Yes, and there's no reason why they shouldn't and that includes black females with white males :o)
  • I think interacial marriage will significantly increase in the coming years. Despite the hoopla media makes over the practice, you see evidence of it's acceptablity more each day. My kids watch Nick and the Disney Channel on tv every day (sigh). They're so accustomed to different races relating PEACEFULLY together that the thought of all people NOT relating is novel to them. Listening to different radio talk shows leads me to believe that people in general are simply BORED with race issues. I believe that as the old folks die out, the new generation will bring with it the values they've learned from the media they grew up with. In 2108, the Answerbag question will be, "What is prejudice?"
  • I don't know because part of the fun is the forbidden concept. People love to do what they should not do. Examples, black and white sex is generally extremely HOT!! because it is unihibited, exploratory and passionate. The woman is able to be a total slutty animal in her rawest form and know that she is appreciated for it. The man is grateful to have some one who is willing to give herself totally to him and find it easy to actually commit his whole heart. I know many such marriages from 10 years to 60 years.
  • Yes considering when I was in high school we had two black people (yrs 87-91). Myself and 4 other friends like black men. We met them in a town 15 minutes away. We went through hell at school when they found out. We all ended up not finishing our education at that time. But wait now...17 yrs later black people live in the town, go to the school and date white people so It already is happening. HOO RAH!!!
  • Yes, in fact I think it is becoming ridiculous to try to quantify racial demographics. For example, we refer to Barak Obama as "black" when he is just as "white" as he is "black". So who gets to count him? Does he have an "interracial marriage"? How about Tiger Woods, who is black, white and Asian, is his marriage "interracial"? How many Americans have Native American blood in some degree? At least half, I'd think, and that number grows daily. Within 50 years or so, the lines will be so blurred that no one will be able to tell what "race" anybody is. There's one race among humans.
  • Im pretty certain there will be plenty of interracial marriages in a few years. Over time people do become more open minded and accepting of differnet backgrounds. Im polish and have been dating my boyfriend from Kenya,africa for 3 years :) I couldnt be happier
  • The smaller the world seems to become the more chance there is to meet people with another background, skin color or whatever difference there may be. Difference feeds interest.
  • The white race has had it and you know what I do not care. I am a white European from London. There are a lot of mixed race relations here. There is a lot of relations between black males and white females which has been promoted to change the working class of England from white to black in which they have nearly succeeded. At the same time there are lots of white male and black female which has become popular in the last few years. Also Asian female and white male relationships are starting to become the most popular mixed race relationship. In another century or two there will be hardly any whites apart from the elite classes. As I siad earlier I do not care about all of this beacuse Western Europe is slowly on the decline waiting for Asia to take over as super power. Europe has been overall the most powerful place for the last 2000 years but that is coming to an end. It is becoming stupid here for so many reasons. Anyway I am off to Asia in the next few years and can not wait to tell you the truth. As for mixed race relationships, I love Asian girls and only have girlfriends for Asia. This is to all white guys, before you waste your time chirping that white girl who looks like a bulldog chewing on a wasp, get yourself to Asia where the girls are friendly, probably better looking, more exotic, more fun and will treat you good. Believe me they are hotties there, all of them.
  • Sure, people are finding out we all bleed red. What a boring would if all looked the same. Yes, its what is in the heart that matters. Some people are just meant to be with their mate and color is Gods way of dressing up our world. How great to see unity with all colors.
  • Eh. Who cares? I don't. Sleep with whatever and birth that thing. Isn't that the way it's always been?
  • Why do you hope so? And yes, it will increase. And why not? Blacks get preferencial treatment in being accepted in schools, getting jobs, getting loans, getting homes, in almost every factor of life. Ditto for their children. That is a pretty attractive thing for most girls. Plus, all the attention you get everywhere you go. Just ask Nicole Simpson, she will tell you about being married to a black.
  • It is on the rise. Being in an interracial relationship myself my boyfriend and I always wisper when we see another couple like us. I am a black caribbeaN woman and he is from Europe.
  • i think youll see more white guys with black women, those couple tend to be more on the profesional level, more likly to marry!
  • Yes. I am a white female and my husband is a black male. I too have watched this increase just in the 5 years we have been married. It will get more normal. The world is changing.
  • No. Speaking as a white man, I feel that the racial tension has been rather stirred by recent political change, and that the numbers of white women who date and marry black men will not grow noticeably in the foreseeable future.

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