• I try to beat the crowd to grab up good selling items that make me lots of money.. Great side job! ;)
  • I love Junkin', You can find some amazing things.
  • I used to, but now I get everything I need for free on
  • I dont like having them, but I dont mind going to them.
  • I love them they are so much fun. I always get good things at very cheap prices.
  • I used to really like them. I avoid them now, the only ones in our area have been going on for a few years now. The same people have a sale about once or twice a month. I don't think they ever sell anything.
  • Yes, I always like to find a good deal on something I'll use...
  • Yes and throw flea markets in there for shits and giggles. You never know what you're gonna find.
  • Do you mean having your own garage/yard sale or buying items at one? Having my own sale is a lot of work and you don't always get good results. Going to sales is hit or miss. I've found some good items and many times just junk.
  • It's like chocolate, unless I am in the mood for it, I am not interested.
  • I love them. Even if I don't buy anything on that day, it gives me somethinhg to do and is interesting to see what is for sale there.
  • I went from FT status to PT status at my job so I could have more time to yardsale. I LOVE them!
  • I work at Goodwill industries so yes, i love to see what i can find!
  • Yes; I like to look and see if I might find something I need that way cheaper than if I bought it in the store.
  • whenever i have a garage sale someone complains that sexual toys shouldn't be sold where children are present. then i say, ever heard of sex-ed?
  • Sure, sometimes they're ok, if they have good stuff for sale, such as guns. :-)
  • I love scrounging through other peoples stuff...!
  • When I had time to sell on eBay, I visited yard and garage sales fairly frequently. I had some good finds, on occasion. Once I bought a junk box of kitchen items for $1.00 Among the items was a peculiar looking porcelain item with a picture of a bird on it. It was defective - scratched on one side. It turns out that it was a rare hand-painted egg coddler and the scratch turned out to be the artist's signature. Within minutes of listing it the bidding started from collectors and I sold it for $200+. Here is a picture of an egg coddler (not mine) Another good find was a small carving of a bird on a branch which turned out to be by artist Brumm, whose commissioned creations are in the possession of royalty and of museums around the world. That also brought a good price. Here is a picture of a Brumm carving (not mine) As others have stated though, "junk" abounds, and I prefer estate sales. At present I have no time for any of them. +5

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