• Take the $6300 as a loss. Be thankful thats all you lost. If you walk away now, you still have your dignity. This is a lesson learned (I hope).. If he has no plans to change his current situation, he is telling you without saying it, that you two will never REALLY be together.. Don't settle for that!! You deserve someone who will be with you and only you!! Those guys are out there - be patient, choose carefully!
  • Wow, he is married to someone else and is a liar, yet you gae him $6,300? Why? Block his #, change your email address, call his wife & let her know she should checked for STD (if think you are his only mistress, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you), and move on! Do a little sole searching, and figure out why you are willing to waste your time & money on a man who goes home to sleep with another woman every night, then find yourself an available & worthwhile man, you will respect you & treat you as such.
  • 1. Make the time apart permenant. 2. Sue him for the $6300.
  • He's a JERK,a liar,a thief to name only a few!Kick him to the curb forever and as someone else said,sue him for the $,and his wife will find out then anyway..he deserves what he gets..also,look for someone single the next time.
  • Downrate me if you want to I don't really care but unless you just found out about his being married you got exactly what you deserved for screwing a married man. Any decent self respecting woman would never allow herself to be the other woman so that doesn't say a whole lot about your morals. What did you expect that he was gonna dump his wife for you. Why should he you were dumb enough to stay with his cheating ass after you found out about his wife so what incentive does he have to leave her. I hope you learned your lesson and in the future you will remember married or in a comitted relationship means hands off no matter how hot in the panties you are for the guy.
  • Um - I would get proof he took the money and bring him to small claims court. Then I would do everything in my power to forget I ever met him.
  • Wow, do you have "SUCKER" tattooed on your forehead????
  • Ok so he stole money from you which most likely means that he has no consideration and respect for your self. And he has lied to you before and several times. Meaning that he's a person you cannot depend or trust? And he does not want to get divorce from his previous maiage so what can you expect from a man like him?
  • learn from your mistake and MOVE ON.
  • that's the end of that then eh?
  • I can't believe you consider that a boyfriend. You are lucky he is going away. Wipe your hands of it.
  • The wierd deal is I feel sorry for his do you know this guy is a trustworthy guy? I mean he's cheating on his wife with you , lies, and steals over six grand from you? Your still with him for a year? Do you have actual proof he took your cash? Can you tolerate going to court and basically being called the ho who knew he was married yet still banged him...your credibility might be at stake. Yet, I can't say he's too far off from where your at. Talk to a lawyer. Are you sure he was separated or was he just banging the both of you at the sametime? Get an STD test.
  • If he needs time apart, this is the perfect time for you to move on and leave him behind. First off, you had no business getting involved with a married man. Second, whether he was separated or not makes no difference. Plus, if he says crap like "he has no plans to change that", why should you believe him? If a man lies to me once, he's out. There is no reason on the planet earth for a man to lie to a woman. NONE. If you haven't done it already, break it off now, or you will just continue on in this hurtful situation you're finding yourself in now.
  • It sounds to me like he is using you. My advice to you is: Get out of this situation ASAP and do not turn back.
  • Just leave him as soon as possible before your feelings grow more for him. Yes, it will be hard. Because I honestly think this guy is just using everything you have. Lying is a trust issue. You can't trust him if he is gonna lie to you several times of more. And if you caught him several times, think of the other times you didn't catch him.
  • As hard as it is...move on he is using you and does not respect are too good to be treated this way...and I would sue his ass in small claims court for the $6300 you worked hard for that.
  • Well honey your just plain stupid. How about you get rid of the useless dude. PROBLEM FIXED! See how easy that was:)

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