• You know, if you had stepped up to the plate and paid the child support and on time, you would not be asking this question. Do whats right.
  • I did stepped up,don't like to be set-up for some one meal! plus, I'm a tax payer and contributed welfare and everything else, quess when we need assitance we have to pay back. everone in the u.s. knows it's a racket, get pregnet collect welfare and later support from some sucker. quess you wouldn't know anything about that.
  • Yes you can to all three but you have to ask for a modification hearing and you must appear in court where the child support order was made.
  • Are you saying that you don't owe the support? You can certainly contest the garnishment, but you will lose if you actually owe the support.
  • I hope you get nailed, dude. Yeah, I read your answer down there. Gee, life is tough when you have to do things you don't wanna. Look, you'll have to pay your obligation sooner or later, and the longer you wait, the more you will pay. It doesn't matter how much you whine and complain. Laws are on the books now to make sure you can't weasel out of child support. You could have worked out a reasonable arrangement a long time ago, but since they had to resort to garnishing your taxes, I assume you ran instead, so I don't feel at all sorry for you. Last word of advice: Keep far away from whatever offspring you've leaked out so that your assholeness doesn't pass along, and KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS NEXT TIME. (Sorry, cretins like this just make me hate people.)
  • Your back child support has accured interest for ever howlong you didn't pay, and when you do pay and don't pay it off it will continue to accure interest. So, if you don't want a garnishment get an attorney and come to some sort of arrangement, BUT be sure that you keep you word and make ALL payments or the previous arrangement could be thrown out. And some suckers should learn the meaning of birth control, not all people are able to get welfare and the some suckers should have stepped up earlier.

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