• His waiter or music store job. OH, you meant the guys who "made it". Well, the pros make money in a lot of different ways. Record label advances-- This is money the record label will give an artist in anticipation of record sales. Royalties- When your song gets played, you get paid! Sponsorships- A lot of recording pros make a significant amount of their money hawking everything from instruments to soda pop. Appearances- Some groups are willing to pay thousands of dollars to hear what their favorite superstar has to say at their annual banquet. But, unfortunately, most musicians on this earth make most of their money the same way you do, with your nose to the grindstone doing something besides music.
  • A Recording artist recieves the majority of their money through publishing (if they write or compose their own songs), Touring (live shows), Mechandising (t-shirts, memorabilia, etc...), and they recieve the least amount of money from actual record sales, because they don't get paid off of sales until the record company fully recoups the cost of recording, manufacturing, marketing and promoting the album (and an advance is simply a loan that the artist has to pay back, not free money).
  • A) getting signed to a major record label B) getting a grant
  • 7-21-2017 There might be a lot of answers to that. Many artists have a day job to support themselves. Royalties from records go mostly to the composer of the songs they record, and the artist regards records as just advertising. The lucky ones get paid for personal appearances.

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