• Not in my opinion. :-) Although, I'm sure there are primitive languages that lack organized grammatical constructs.
  • sure. Grammar is an improvment, so to speak, of the original concept of language. Language allows us communicate effectively, grammar allows us communicate effectively and correct others at the same time. Something most people thrive on.
  • Yes, but looking at it from a civilized view, the language would appear simplistic and stupid.
  • It does, and quite often here on answerbag :o)
  • It seems to do very well where I come from!!!
  • Of course. It used to. Read Chaucer in Middle English!
  • who knows? But grammar couldn't exist without language!
  • Well my granma didn't invent it so I think it could. Seriously though, I don't think it would be effective without grammar, but a basic form of language could exist. "Spear ug Buffalo ug Eat"
  • No, good old gramma! bless her cotton socks...
  • There is no such thing as a "primitive" language. The idea of primitive languages comes from the early European explorers/conquors. They dubbed the natives as "savages" with "primitive" languages. They also enslaved and massacared these people. Please don't continue their legacy of ignorant xenophobia. No language is more or less complex than another -- just like there are no biological differences or "biological races" of humans. All human language has always had grammar. All human languages have subject,verb,object structures, though they may be expressed very diffrently from eachother. Here's some links if you are interested:

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