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  • Not all submissive are slaves. Not all Dominants/Tops are Masters/Mistresses. The issue comes into play often within BDSM circles. Often Top/bottom are use for those that participate in scenes but not in the relationship aspect of BDSM. A Dominant/submissive is a traditional way to reflect someone in a BDSM relationship. However, not all submissives are considered "owned" by their Dominants. Slaves often are the submissives who give up all control to their Masters/Mistresses. They are property only with no opinions, thoughts, or actions of their own. The use of names for various roles in the world of BDSM is highly speculated. I'm sure there are some who will disagree with what I said. Basically it boils down to preferences, your relationship status, and the region you live in. Everyone prefers things a certain way. Good luck in the future!
  • i am a slave not a sub, in my opinion (and yes i am allowed to have one even though i am a slave i still have a brain and do use it) a sub is a bedroom playtime thing. a slave on the other hand is owned by her/his Master/Mistress, and is a slave at all times not just during sex. being a slave is more then sex, a slave looks after and tends to her/his Master/Mistress, though most publicly are more subtle in their slavery. a true Master/Mistress looks after His/Her slave as much as the slave does them .. i mean whats the point of having a damaged slave, if they cann't serve their owner?

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