• Prats.
  • Well. Im totally for it. Because, i have a white maltese named fluffy and yes i have tons and tons of shirts for him. The thing is that he is so small that he gets cold so when i put the shirts on him (i even have jackets and coats)he gets warm he is always finding a place to get warm and whenever i pull out a shirt he is very happy. So my dog loves to wear them so i let him and of course if he is gonna wear them they gotta be cute. So yeah i dont see anything wrong with putting clothes on dogs as long as the dog likes it. If the dog dosetn like it and is unhappy then i dont agree with making him wear it.
  • OMFG ! Hey live and let live ... feel sorry for the dogs though... despite the fact most of them really seem to enjoy it !
  • well, we do put a waterproof jacket on our little jack russell in the winter when we take her to watch a rugby game, that lasts for an hour and a half, she has to sit and watch, and sometimes its raining or very cold, and she doesnt have much fur, she seems to quite like it though !!
  • Let dogs be dogs. They are already wearing their own clothes. Unless a dog is too cold or you really don't want it getting wet or snowed on, leave it alone and let it wear it's own fur coat. We had a German Shorthair pointer that I adapted turtleneck sweaters for her to wear for winer time as she was so cold. And for snow use.
  • I think they need more kids.
  • Pretty damn pathetic. If you want something to dress up buy a doll.
  • I make dog clothes, and I think that anybody who dresses their dogs is going to make money for me. Do dogs need or want clothes, no, but most will do anything to please their owners. The owners tell me they want their dogs to feel good and they are soooooo cute, so I guess people actually believe it.
  • I do wish that they wouldn't
  • Unless they are the small and hairless dogs who freeze in 80 degree weather, I think it's dumb. And THEN only with a sweater and maybe booties to keep the dog feet from freezing. But THESE are ridiculous!
  • It annoys the hell out of me. I usually don't hide it either. I have put my dog in a party hat, but that is it.
  • i think they should be locked up and we should throw away the key it's just wrong
  • i think their dogs should dress them up
  • I think that it is a stupid waste of money and time and these sort of people allways complain after that they have NO MONEY i wonder why
  • When it is VERY cold, I put a little sweater on my chiuahua before taking him out to do his duty, we get some fierce snow storms where I live in the winter.
  • They should let the dog decide. If the dog tells his/her owner he wants to wear clothes then it's okay.
  • I am not down with that. I have a really big lab....and I know he wouldn't appreciate me dressing him up. I wont even do it for Halloween. The small dogs you can fit in your purse...that wear little pink jackets...thats so tacky. I feel bad for those dogs.
  • If it's winter and needs a sweater...ok Otherwise...perhaps you should get a hobby?
  • I think that it is creepy, I some how feel that that person was not able to have children of their own? The attachment is very stong
  • if its something loose-fitting, and warm, and the pooch looks quite happy, then i think its cute
  • I think if the dog doesn't mind, it can be really cute. I've tried to put a sweater on my fat cat, and he really hated it. We used to have a dalmation, on St. Pat's day, we dyed his him green, with black spots. It was very fun.
  • that they deserve the dog tearing off the hand that dresses them
  • My dog always has a bow in her hair. I dress her up quite regularly,sometimes even just simply for extra warmth when out walking. This week she had a much needed trim and she had her nails painted in "Pooch In Paris Pink". Though it's now a bit chipped & stained from digging,now mostly "Bones In Backyard Black" As much as I get fun from dressing her, if she showed any signs of physical discomfort, I'd stop. Otherwise she is all dog - and I don't worry about her playing in her 'best clothes' either :P
  • At least you know that they care for their dogs, but I don't think that these dogs actually appreciate being dressed.
  • I dress my chihuahua but he's 15 years old and always chilly especially since we moved to a colder climate. He looks spiffy in a nice sweater I don't see anything wrong with it if the dog doesn't mind. my dog actually runs to me to get one of his sweaters on especially if it's a new one. He seems to appreciate it.
  • i think its kind of funny to be honest

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