• lol have you not gone through that theory? does it not prove that he was Lord? If it didn't for you then i think he was Lord because there was a big book written about him and i don't think anyone goes through that much trouble for a hoax, plus there is a lot of other documents that refer to him
  • There are other options: The descriptions of him aren't accurate, or exaggerated; that he did or didn't exist, or was an inspired preacher; that he was sane but simply wrong. I'm arguing in favour of any of these, here, I'm just saying that these are options that the whole "Liar, Lunatic or Lord" argument leaves out. It's very important, not just to know the truth, but to know it for the right reasons. A lot of arguments in favour of one side or another seem to be very good, but in fact aren't. One can demolish and stop using bad arguments, and still hold the right answer.
  • eh, hippie is what really comes to mind when I think of jesus, a man, and nothing more.
  • As a anti christ, i belive jesus was trying to be god, that is why he was killed, same as lucifer. people nowdays worship jesus not god but jesus, well jesus trying to be god WORKED
  • This answer is Biblically based because that's what my upbringing is, so yeah. Lord. Why? There are many references in the Bible calling Jesus "Lord". Here are a few of them: Acts 9:5 (KJV) Romans 6:23 (KJV) Romans 14:14 (KJV) I Corinthians 8:6 (KJV) There are other ones as well.
  • Out of theose three lunatic, but i think he was more of a hippie-type.
  • Despite being in no way a Christian, I find your list of choices offensive. I do not believe he was the Lord. But I do believe he was a man with some very good ideas about how one should behave. I see no evidence of him ever having lied, and while I think he was incautious and outspoken, I see no signs of lunacy. I would therefore say none of your list.
  • I think he was what we would call "a Bodhisattva" in Buddhism -- a person who has some authentic spiritual realization and devotes his life to sharing that with others. This is entirely human, but at the same time it's worthy of great respect. It does not mean that he is infallible, or that every statement out of his mouth is absolute truth.
  • Very much lied against than liar, he never said "I am God" but people insist that he is, he never said "worship me" but they insist on worshipping him. Not a lunatic, but people portray him as a lunatic. If Bush seriously said 'I'll go and ask the President about this', you'd think he's flipped, he's gone mad, he's become a lunatic, wouldn't you? Similarly people will insist to you that Jesus said he's God knowing fully well that the Bible says that he fell on his face and prayed to God. What people are trying to tell you then is that he's a lunatic. 'Lord' in the sense of master, yes all Muslims give him and all prophets of God that title. They'll say 'our Lord Adam', 'our Lord Abraham', 'our Lord Moses', 'our Lord Jesus' and 'our Lord Mohammed'. 'Lord' in the sense of God, no. Jesus when talking to people about God called God 'my Lord and your Lord'.
  • All we know of him is what is written. How accurate are those testaments? No one really knows. Thus, how can we make any judgement that may fit into any category much less these three? Also, try not to confuse religion and an icon/ideal. Your opposition to religion doesn't necessarily translate to an opposition to the goodness a person reportedly tried to share. I think if Jesus did half the things written about him you'd probably find him a very likable guy and would be quite heartstruck that the world is quick to tear such a guy to pieces without rhyme or reason. On another note, you have to allow some significance to his legacy. Many people have claimed to be God throughout history and most of those are forgotten. There is something to the fact that even if Jesus was just a man his ideas, testament and belief structure is still known today. The Beatles were the most talked about band forty years ago and many kids today wouldn't know them if they heard them. Jesus never had a hit and people still talk about him.
  • He was either who He said He was, or a delusional lunatic. There is no in-between. I believe the former.
  • Lord: Romans 10:8, 9. "If you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." Good enough for me.
  • Oh, my lord then.
  • none of the above. i believe he is a fictional character. there is little historical evidence of his existance considering his supposed prominence in history. if he were such a huge figure and caused such vast trouble, as the biblical accounts attest to, then there would be more corroborating evidence. there are only 2 or 3 historians that even briefly mention a jesus. the only evidence is the bible and that book is so chock full of contradictions that it can hardly be considered reliable. i know i'm going to get downgraded for saying these things, but if people feel they must do that just because i disagree, then so be it ;)
  • He told us what he came to earth for, but people did not accept his version of why God sent him. It's in Luke 4:43. He said that God sent him to preach the Gospel. People have not accepted it though, and have picked up Paul's teaching that "Christ died for our sins." No difference you say????? The difference is this. The first makes the Crucifixion bad news for mankind, and the second makes the Crucifixion good news for mankind!!!! So the difference is ENOURMOUS. If you want to look at it from Christ's Point of veiw rather than Paul's, I would recommend this entertaining resource:
  • Jesus was a man, a son and a person. Do those 3 count?
  • Lord because He said so.
  • The real test of who Jesus was is found in the behavior of the Apostles who knew him. They were not lunatics and only a lunatic would die a horrible death in order to remain faithful to a lie or another lunatic. A lot of the Apostles could have just walked away and resumed their lives..instead they were crucufied..flayed..hung and otherwise persecuted because of what they had witnessed in Christ. These were ordinary guys who had witnessed something extraordinary..something that changed them from fearful doubters to people willing to suffer any punishment..not just willingly but almost happilly. This is the real testimony of those who actually knew Him. " Upon this Rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail aginst it". The Church still stands..the oldest institution in the western world..still attended by saints and people like me who formerly spoke ill of Her. Truth will endure no matter who doubts it and each person is responsible for finding the truth. If you are a doubter that is no reason to be insulting towards an institution that has served humanity so faithfully..even if a few members are not shining lights. Answer to the question: Lord.
  • It's a false dichotomy you have there as there never was a "Christian Jesus". But according to the Christian bible he was a liar. This, because he failed to establish a trinity ever existed and that he was any part of a God figure. Hence why the Jews and Roman killed him as opposed to imprisoned him for being a "lunatic".
  • he was none of the above. He is merely a poorly-developed character is some extremely poor fiction.
  • he was the son of god
  • None of the above! He's just a character in some very crude fiction.
  • Jesus was the absolute truth personified. Jesus IS the absolute truth personified...... He came to teach us that we are not the physical body but that we are spiritual beings with Christ Consciousness within...... He literally showed us who we are...... God exists within us as us, with Christ Consciousness as our base of life...... Do not take my word for this..... This must be realized, one must have a direct experience of Christ consciousness within.... Very easy to look within through Meditation.
  • Here is the best explanation I know:

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