• He knew Hitler was insane dude..
  • Neither he rescued the Jews because the insane world around him was killing it self off along with the jews, and scindler had kept the jews alive by keeping them working and keeping them away from the gaurds as best he could schindler him self profetted from the jews but in turn he kept them alive by buying as many as he could afford to keep them alive and away from the nazis the nazi's Shindler was buried in Jearusalem and was recognized by the jewish state as a man of incredible selflessness
  • I'm pretty sure he did it because it was the right thing to do.
  • is it really that hard just to do the right thing?
  • Schindler was a screw up and a con man and a war profiteer. He never got a single other thing right in his life. So I doubt very much that he did it to please others. He had never shown much sign of caring what others thought before. However, the one thing he got right, he got very, very, very right, and I'm sure it pleased God. History is full of stories of God using the loser and the screw up to right something very wrong. All it takes is for that loser, screw up to say "yes, Lord" when asked. And the Lord will make him remember, loved, even venerated by people throughout History. Thank God for men like Oscar Schindler.

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