• I am not exactly sure, I have had a bad back since i was 20 yrs old and they recommend surgery i still to this day have pain all the time but refuse to have surgery. My x-husband has had 3 and he is worse now than he was before. Be careful and make sure if this is something you are thinking about doing that you see many doctors!!
  • I had serious sciatic nerve issues, to the point that I was throwing up from pain during PT. However, after sticking out the physical therapy I have had a couple of years of real relief. There are still mornings where I cannot bend over because of the pain, but those are the exceptions.
  • Yes, there are surgical remedies for some cases of sciatica. It would have to be evaluated by a specialist who has had experience in treatment. There are several sites on the internet that give tips for pain management. Try
  • I'd recommend avoiding surgical intervention if at all possible. There is a fair chance that such an operation can make things worse in the long term and it's a real gamble.
  • I live at my chiropractors office. I have degeneration and bulging discs that normally don't bother me because I have lived with the discomfort and for the most part it's mild. However my sacraliliac joint continues to slide out of place and the rest of my spine winds up crooked and squishes the discs more and kills my sciatic nerve. I find a lot of relief from my chiro and if I had the insurance to do PT, I swear this time I would behave and go like I am supposed to. I don't know if you have tried the chiropractor method or not, but he manages to get me back in place with no cracking and popping, just a small series of little things that really cause me no pain, I feel great and go once a month just to realign my spine to keep the pressure off of things that don't need to be aggravated. Trust me I feel your pain, but operations always have risks, if the cause of your pain is due to disc issues, they have some new injections that are kind of like botox for the disc. It's minimally invasive and it reinflates the disc and provides proper cushioning and take the pressure off those nerves.
  • Thank's for the info I'll look it up. Hope you feel better.

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