• The fuel filter on most Ford cars is located on the passenger side of the frame just behind the rear wheel. I believe that is where you will find it on your Taurus.
  • THANKS!!!!!
  • Replace your spark plugs and spark plug wires to have the best chance at fixing that misfiring cylinder. I'm surprised that at 150,000 miles with the original plugs that it's still even running.
  • NOT by changing the Fuel Filter!!! Plugs, Wires, Fuel Injectors is where U need to look. At night, raise the hood & look @ the plug wires to see if they are "Mis-Firing" to each other or anything else (ground). Move them slightly to see if any "Lightening" shows up (keep hands clear of moving parts). Use an old A.M. "Pocket Radio" moving it close to each Plug to hear the "Mis-Fire" as "Static" on the Radio indicating the bad plug/wire. Fuel Injectors will show up on Ur "Code Reader" when U take it to Auto Zone for a "Free Test". John
  • my 2000ford taurus when i drive it and com to a redlight and sit for a minute it goes dead

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