• Seeing as transport is the most expensive thing before hotels, then you should be able to wander around for a good while, if you stay in moderately cheap places. Sounds fun, too. :) But eh, don't let any of the people you get lifts from know you have that much money on you, unless you're keeping it in the bank.
  • Hitchhiking is very dangerous. If you want to do something adventurous with that money, get a scooter, and cruise around the country with that!
  • I wouldn;t hitchhike...but it will be enough mawke sure the car is safe and then do pack no pershible food in ur room for nescitties...Also make sure u see no cops!
  • Hitchhiking is very dangerous - both for men and women. +5
  • It probably is, but I sure WOULD NOT hitchhike.
  • i hope you mean roadtrip instead of hitchhike.
  • You're betting all the money you have, and your very life by hitch hiking. Buy a travel America Pass from Greyhound, and travel around to your heart's content.
  • It's enough until someone picks you up and robs you. The romantic concept of hitchhiking isn't realistic anymore. Years ago it was safe. Soldiers coming home from war would thumb a ride. Soldiers coming home from war now can't expect to be accepted so warmly. Many face protesters. It's as if they are responsible for the war in some Americans minds. I've wandered off track. My advice would be, buy a bus ticket.
  • Use to find people going to where you want to go, but I wouldn't hitchhike. Yeah, I think 2500 is enough to spend about 2 months on the road if it's in the summer and you don't mind sleeping under the stars.
  • Sure, if this was 1974. Don't forget your guitar and hound dog.

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