• I swiped this from another message board... the answerer is an obstetrician: It is certainly true that many women can express a discharge from their breasts remote from pregnancy. The most important thing is to check a prolactin, as your physician did. The second issue is to assure that the discharge is truly a physiologic production from the breast(s) and not something else. This can be determined simply by taking a drop of the discharge and placing on a glass slide and looking at it under a microscope. If the discharge is a normal physiologic production from the breast(s) then one will see fat globules. If no fat globules, then you have to pursue things in another direction. Further, a "normal" prolactin level is all relative. In other words, some women likely have an increase prolactin receptor sensitivity-in other words, for them what would be a prolactin level in the normal range causes glandular production from the breasts. In these cases, as long as the woman is not trying to get pregnant, you simply leave it alone. One thing for sure is to stop squeezing the breast or expressing the discharge because that will certainly increase the discharge. Regarding the bleeding, the breast issue may or may not be involved. It is likely the result of irregular or no ovulation. You can either be patient and things may correct on their own or you can discuss the options for intervention with your physician... Lynn
  • You go talk to an actual professional doctor. You dont ask for answers on an out of the way question and answer site hoping someone, who has no medical training at all, will answer you and where it is illegal to diagnose someone. Go to a dr.
  • Go to a dr.
  • i would go see your doctor so he can tell you whats going on

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