• Personally, I like it. I think that sometimes it's necessary and it's definitely a feature that's needed. I've had to edit past answers before that I didn't feel comfortable with because they were too personal or whatever. It made me feel better about things.
  • i think that is it is for typos or something ok but i don't think you should beable to go back and actually change your intire aswer just because you thought of a better one a month down the line. that how defeat the whole point system.
  • Edit hell....delete delete delete. I wish I could just make some of mine go away...just go away
  • I like that feature. I wish I could do the same with my questions and comments as well. Mostly, because I'm not the best typist...I'm not a bad speller, usually, I just typo a lot. Also, I had a question I posted recently that I didn't realize I had not it actually wasn't in the form of a question. It got flagged as "nonsense" and deleted. I just wish I'd had the chance to go back and correct it instead of having to repost it.
  • It's great for adding information you may have previously overlooked or not thought about. Since most people use this feature for that purpose, I think it's great. I don't like it when people use it to completely change the meaning of their answer. I've seen it used for negative purposes. In that case, I report it in the Feedback area.
  • What do Porn Stars and AB'ers have in common? They can both change position quickly under scrutiny;)
  • I think rather than edit them anytime I think before they delete or merge it with another they should give you a chance to change it. I also think they should allow you to delete those you no longer want.
  • it's ok by me someday i might say something i want to take back :)
  • Its a great feature you can correct typos. or change your answer to make a reply seem funny.
  • If it is strictly limited to correcting a misspelled word, I think that is o.k. If it is to change the answer, then I'm not so sure. If you alter your answer, you make others who responded by comment to your original answer look quite stupid..just my opinion. I wouldn't do it.
  • If there are comments on my answer, I will edit it and provide more information. In some forums like Rediff, this editing is not allowed.

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