• rough it unless there are shower facilities in the vacinity.
  • I bathe, I can't wait till I get home.
  • Depends on how many days I am gone. If it's just a day or two I would probably just rough it. A week or more, definitely using the shower facilities.
  • I normally camp near a lake or stream of sorts where I can at least clean up a bit. I also take a few boxes of wet ones and a bar of soap. So i guess I do not so-called rough it much.
  • Where I go camping there is never a bathtub available but if a shower is close by I will take a shower, but sometimes I will just float around in a stream if one is nearby. :)
  • Find a lake or use one of those sun shower bag deals.
  • We use the solar shower bags.
  • I hate feeling grungy. So I will heat up a pot of hot water and with my trusty bandanna, take a little 'bath' washing the parts I can reach or other parts too if privacy isn't a problem. Sometimes the weather is very nice and I can wade in some water without freezing things off, though I never use soap near water sources. And I also use the warm water to wash my hair at least every 4-5 days. We've been backpacking up to 2 weeks and I could never go without cleaning myself. It just feels so good and I gain extra energy being clean.
  • Yes washing is necessary but using soap near a lake or stream is a no no! fish and other creatures can not tolerate soap like we can. Ever get soap in your eye's ? well think about a fish swimming through it not to mention taking it through his little body . Anyway we had bought this dark colored bag with a type of shower outlet hose off it, when we first set up the camp area we find our water source ,(which we always plan in advance to be near) in our area I find a few tree's that I can rap a tarp around like a small shower stall, If there is sun available we try to get the dark black bag filled with water exposed to it , it's really nice it holds five gallons of water and is not that expensive similar products can be found off the advertisers on my site like outdoor toilet thats really a must and folds up, they even have small tents that go with them, lol It's a big change from when I was young and out searching for a tree to hide behind
  • Depending on how long I was going to be out, I'd just rough it. Anything more than three or four days though, I think I have to be near shower facilities.
  • I would bathe in the river or lake or bring along a "sun shower" After all,Ah do like to smell purty.
  • I camp alot if for a day or two i rough it but if longer just wash off with pan of water then dump it where it wont get in the lake.
  • If a shower is available, I'm going to use it...if not...
  • I shower in the bathhouse or outdoor facilities the best I can, then treat myself to a well earned bubble bath on the evening I return to civilization.
  • Camping is meant to get a person dirty. Get as smelly as possible that way you appreciate modern conviences when you get back home. And everyone else will appreciate it to, when you shower.
  • It depends. Sometimes I bathe on short trips. I went backpacking this summer and went 8 days without bathing. Luckily I was able to before I got on the plane to go home.
  • If there's a shower at the camp site, I take full advantage of it.
  • Rough it! That is what campin' is all about!!! +5
  • Depends on how long we're out for. I'll rough it for 2-3 days, only washing my armpits, face, etc. But if we're out for a longer stay, I've gotta get wetter than that. Solar camp showers, or a lake or stream if it's warm weather, as long as you don't use soap.
  • I'm fine roughing it for a week or so. Normally though I am near a creek and will go walking through it and wa-la, without even trying I'm relatively clean.

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