• I would if the guy kept on pestering me after I have told him no over and over.
  • Yah, seriously! What's the deal with that?! It's never happened to me, but I don't 'get numbers' that often. But I've had female friends that do that, and I insist that it's rude, and childish, but they're like 'whatever' about it!
  • I have done both, usually I don't give it out, but if the only way I can get the guy to go away is give him a number then i give him a fake one.
  • The only time I've given out a fake number is when a guy refused to leave me alone, so I did it as a way to make him think he had succeeded. Some guys just won't take no for an answer. I do know of girls who have given out fake numbers for the sole purpose of being cruel. There are also those women who feel bad for rejecting someone to their face.
  • If a guy keeps pestering you for a while and you keep telling him no, you will do anything to get him to stop bothering you. I once gave a guy the number 696-6969. Next time he saw me he was yelling at me and his freinds were cracking up at him. It was quite funny. I was like 'Of course I gave you a wrong number, you wouldn't leave me alone'.
  • i agree with the others, if they keep going on after you have said no a few times, i only have 2 options...knee him hard in the lower region whilst screaming "what is it about the word no that you didn't understand" then get arrested for gbh..or give them a fake phone number...
  • I would only give him a fake one if he was in front of his friends and he seemed like a very nice guy (just not my type) I wouldn't want to have him get shot down in front of them. That way he can say I was a flake when they ask if he called me. Other wise if he comes up and is a gentle men about it and does it in private I usually would have (when I was single) said something like you seem like a very nice guy but I'm not looking for anything at this time..
  • A lot of guys don't give up, and start asking "Why wont you give me your phone number?" So instead of coming up with a huge, elaborate lie, giving out a fake number is the best solution. Sometimes "I have a boyfriend" doesn't even work because they say "It's not like you two are engaged!" Guys. Seriously.
  • This is an age old question. I think the ladies dont want to hurt the guy to their face so they opt for the lie. Its more hurtful. Problem is, usually a girl says no and some guys persist. By giving them a fake number, the girl usually can get the guy to leave them alone even if for awhile.
  • There is a difference in asking for a number and badgering someone until they give you something. I have been known to give the phone number for the local Mental Health Clinic. That way, the rude guy can have someone to talk to and perhaps get some help for all that rejection he'll surely be dealing with.
  • you're right. But some girls just don't have the gall to say it outright.
  • I agree with most of the women who have already answered. Many times even polite rejection of a would-be suitor is not safe. In the current cultural climate it seems to be "OK" for a man to harrass and intimidate a woman until she feels the only thing she can do is give him a phone number...hopefully a fake one.
  • I have never given out a false #. I'm a pretty direct person so I prefer the truth whether it's what someone wants to hear or not (in a nice way, of course). I'd appreciate the same in return, too.
  • No I would not give a false number, but then I have been married so have not been in that position for a long time. I would say I am sorry but I am not yet ready to date anyone.
  • Politeness usually doesnt work, men are competitive, and see it as a challenge. I am straight forward about it, I had this problem last night, my sisters boss, was determined, I was going to leave my boyfriend for him, and he was going to buy me everything I wanted, he was going to me my knight in shining armor, (Hahahaha). He was extremely persistant, but I just said, You are not going to get my number. So then he kept trying to give me his, so I said, Look I will not be calling your number, dont bother. I hope my sis, doesnt get ant repercussions from it.
  • I think it would be nice for a woman to kindly, respectfully, and politely refuse to give a guy her phone number if he asks for it with kindness, respect, and politeness; takes no for an answer the first time; and leaves her alone after that.
  • Only if the guy was creepy or refused to take no for an answer would I opt for this over declining politely.
  • It would be yes, but then they stop buying the drinks. So fake number is much easier.
  • Because women are as cowardly as men are..they want you to "like" them face-to-face..after they've gone and you try to reach them, it doesn't matter. :(
  • I would never give a guy a fake number. I care too much about other peoples feelings. I'd let him know how flattered I am and refuse nicely and respectfully :)
  • It depends on the situation. Some men will not take "no" for an answer.
  • No. I like honesty. If he has no chance, I like to let him move on to the next chic at the bar...
  • Ahh!, its not just the ladies that do this, i have been known to do it to. i usually do it if its someone quite obnoxious and i want to be left alone and not make a scene. if im really drunk ill give them one of my friends numbers.
  • Good Question. I recently bumped into a girl I went to school with who I haden't seen for about 10 years. She walked past me in a bar and we started chatting for a while. She was asking me loads of questions about weather I was single etc and flirting quite a bit. We got on great and it turns out she was single too. We chatted for around 10 mins then i turned away to my friends for another half an hour. She stayed where she was so I thought she was pretty interested. I was about to leave so asked for her number. She gave it to me and I left. She said 'oh you are going' and looked quite dissapointed while touching my arm and looking into my eyes. I would have put my life on this turning into a date but... Guess what.. Fake number! Ha Ha. It's her loss but I am shocked that someone could be so rude. I wasn't a knob with her and was cool about getting her number etc so what's with the bullshit?
  • When you're on the spot it's really hard to decide what to do. I've sometimes refused, sometimes given out fake numbers, sometimes gotten the guy's number. Unfortunately, there's many pushy guys that scare me, so I can't assume one that seems really nice isn't going to be like that too.

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