• I would gently approach them and quietly ask if they need help. You have to ask first, because sometimes they are capable of doing it themselves and they are just having a clumsy moment, like we all do. Then I would assist them, but I would also ask how they would like to be helped. They have to determine how much assistance I would provide.
  • Good lord yes, I'm not to good to help anyone out in need. Don't embarrass me at all to help someone, unless they snap at me & say something like I can do it myself(when they really can't). I had a client like that when I done home health,lol she use to embarrass the crap out of me when I took her to the store.
  • I always offer help. But most appear to be very independent and decline. I have often offered help to blind people crossing the street. They always thanked me and said they were fine on their own. I always said back I would like to have them help me across the street because the traffic scared the hell out of me. They invariably laughed and wold help me across without getting run over.
  • if its an elderly person I always offer because its a social norm and they wont take it personally. I thinks its best to take each situation as they come, keeping in mind not to embarrass them.
  • Well I would ask first, the help them. It's a nice feeling when you do something kind. :)
  • No. Don't DR and call me a jerk -- yet, anyway. ;-) They are most likely handling what they thought that they could handle. If they didn't believe that they could handle whatever it is they are attempting to handle, they most likely would have arranged for help to come along, or taken less items in more trips to obtain what they have come for. It is their way of trying to keep their independence despite a handicap. If they needed help, they most likely would ask for help from a clerk or possibly nearby customer if it did turn out to be more than they thought that they could handle. Before you start with accusing me of being unempathetic, you should know that my dad had a stroke some 6 years ago and is now handicapped. He gets annoyed when someone won't allow him to do which he believes he could handle because of his condition. If he thought he couldn't handle it, he would ask for help, be very apologetic over the situation, and go on and on about how 'this damned stroke' turned him as helpless as can be. Now you have permission to DR and call me a jerk. :-)
  • Absolutely! I have helped wheel-chair bound people thru doors of businesses w/o automatic doors. I have helped handicapped people carry things to their cars. Fortunately, no one has ever refused my help or asked me not to help. But, I have heard of some who do. I hold doors for perfectly healthy people, (men or women). I just consider it common courtesy.
  • Have to watch out a bit I must add. Ted Bundy had a fake cast and would ask for help putting something in his van. Then he would abduct the woman and the rest is history. Invariably disabled don't seem to want help from strangers. I have had friends with wheelchair husbands. The husbands would always get mad if I helped push the wheelchair. But as with one perfectly fine with his 76 year old wife with a fractured hip pushing him. Should add she weighs about 115 and he weighs about 300.
  • I've done it many times. Reasoning, you see someone having a hard time it is just natural to want to help. Wouldn't you want a helping hand?
  • Of course I offer. I offer even if they are NOT obviously handicapped. After all, if everyone gave a helping hand when they see a place to do so, there would be less problems in the world.
  • If they wanted my help then yes of course I would. If they were struggling, but making no eye contact and kind of avoiding asking for help, sometimes its just better to leave things be and allow people their time to do things in the way they can best manage. Some people are always running around trying to help everyone. I don't like to get involved unless someone asks for my help.
  • No, what looks like they might be struggling to us is maybe just the way they have to go about something because of their handicap. Many handicap people claim that this is the request that they dislike most.
  • I offered to help someone who appeared to be having difficulty once. He seem angry that I offered to help. So since that day I do not offer unless I'm asked to help.
  • Of course. But sometimes they say their fine.
  • I always ask if I could help, but then again I would also help a non handicapped person also.
  • I'd offer but not force myself on them. If they are anyone struggling or looking like they need help I offer. I've driven groceries home for some elderly people that were walking home from the store. When I run into people too sick to go to the store, I offer to go for them and even cook for them. I do it because I love my neighbors and feel it is part of being a member of the human race to help others if I can and they need it. It's too bad not everyone will do such things or think it's none of their business. I figure, you can at least ask:-)
  • Of course I would offer help. I Look at it like, if that was me, what would I want someone to do or say.
  • Yes I have and will. I know they don't want people to think they can't do anything for themselves and remain independent so I ask first. I love helping people.
  • In all likelihood. I know how easy to get wrapped up in our own things is but I find that one of the most fulfilling things in life is helping others in need. Makes you feel good all day.
  • Yes I would offer to help hopefully without appearing to be pushy. If they say no I would smile and walk away but a lot of people do need help and are happy to accept if you do not start by treating them like a second class citizen.
  • Sure I would but hopefully the person won't think I'm trying to rob them. Why? Hell if I know.
  • I would have to help, or at least offer to help..some folks dont want you to help them. :)
  • I would ask anyone who seemed as though they were struggling with something and I am capable to assist.
  • yes , because they are people too.
  • yes, and ive helped neighbors by opening the front door of my apt building when they had bad eyesight and couldnt see what they were doing

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