• I would say yes, It should be worth something, being so old.
  • Yes, It's worth your soul!
  • Yes. In more ways than one. Keep the Bible in good shape and your Faith.
  • Sometimes they sell very well on eBay. I bought an 1847 bible on eBay a few years ago to bring with me to Civil War re-enactments. I got mine pretty cheap (it was listed poorly)... but you could check there and see what bibles from that time period are going for.
  • 20 - 100 dollars.
  • I would suggest immediately taking it to an antique bookstore or book show. Not necessarilly to get a monetary appraisal but to get some knowledgable input regarding it's condition and to get advice on how to store it. Old books storage circumstances are very important, whether is worth money or just as a curiousity. I also wouldn't tell anyone that you just found it. I'd just say "I've had it a while" (or something).
  • If it is illustrated, probably more so than normal. Condition is very important in older books. There are loads of them out there, yes even that old. so only the best ones are the most valuable. I have paid $2.99 for books in great condition from the early 1800's. Other factors are place of origin, publisher, cover materials. All the best of course fetch more than others lacking these charteristics so... Being that I have no idea of anything other than the date... I can't give you an exact valuation based on date alone.
  • Some are, some aren't. I've got several and their worth is more by what they look like than their age. People love old books and if there is some history wrapped up in it, they love that.
  • keep it as a great family eirloom
  • I agree with Possum, that it'd be a good idea to take it to a dealer. Don't get your hopes up too high regarding the value. With antiques, it's always about rarity and the Bible is the book that has sold more copies than any other book ever printed. Still, it was kind of a fun thing to discover even if it doesn't turn out to be valuable. Good luck.
  • (Long answer) As I write this, you have 11 answers in so far. I'd like to agree with a couple of things I've read here already and add one new consideration. 1) If you want a more accurate idea re: financial worth, then you may indeed want to see a dealer (make sure they know it's for info not resale, or their numbers might be skewed!) - or - hire an appraiser if you want to pay to find out. 2) For books and such - there are a lot of considerations re: worth. Is it a first edition? A huge one is "in what condition"? How big? How fancy? Besides general condition (wear) are there any obvious big defects? (missing pages, torn pages, ink scribbles throughout the Bible, etc) 3) Many people might be interested in that Bible who AREN'T book collectors or even Bible collectors. Could be they just like "old books" - no matter if they appraise high. May just like "old stuff" or the way it looks or style of font used or who knows what. More like "art" than "antique" if that makes sense. A new consideration? Is there any handwriting in the front of the Bible? Many people over the decades have used that space to list important family records like births, marriages, deaths. If any of those exist in this Bible, you're in yet another ball game. This could be an ORPHAN BIBLE that got separated from a family .. or descendants of the original owners in a family. Someone today might be DELIGHTED to see family names and dates in a gr-grandparent's own handwriting! Besides a potential family member, there are many genealogists these days who - if they find orphan Bibles with that kind of writing in it ... or yearbooks .. or vintage orphaned family photographs .. buy them. Then, as random acts of kindness, try to get them online and ultimately get them back to someone in the family tree. Pretty big network of such activities - which I think is great! A lot of typing here to say there are many ways to view worth. Financial, as we might with any book or manuscript. Aesthetic .. as in art .. where item isn't worth much in itself, but to a particular person, it's worth a lot (as in paintings, etc). And finally, it could have great value to a family - searching for connections and ancestor information. Hmmmm .. in your loft? Maybe it belonged to whichever family lived there before you? :)
  • Is it signed by the author? But no really, It depends on the condition. I have a book dating back to the 1840s The only problem is it's been a prime resource for mice when they make there nests. All along the page edges are little nibble marks. I took it to an antiuqe dealer and he told me and I quote "It's not worth 2 cents". So I would keep it is a safe place. Away from mice. If it's got all the pages it might be worth around 60 dollars.
  • yes, it is considered an antique. Look at ebay they may have old Bibles for auction. If there is any names in it the family may want to buy it from you.
  • it depends on its exact date and publisher usually they rank from 50 to 100 dollars it is said they arent quite old enough.
  • I have an old 1800's Bible & found the same Bible on E-bay & it went for about $250. I would do research online. Use the Name of the Bible, who published it & date. Search in E-bay history of sales.
  • Any auctioneer / dealer won't sell Gods word. It is typically given away for free....or at least here in a small southern town.
  • Not unless it's some famous family bible or of some great historical value..most families will find someone in the family has bibles that date back farther than one time they were pretty much the only birth records..:)
  • I would recommend posting it in the Price Check Forum of Many book collectors hang out there and someone might have an idea of how much this bible is worth
  • its a bible. its got more answers than this whole web is it not worth anything. it gods word man. hold onto that
  • is it the current addition
  • I am not sure but 1880 I would say yes most defently. It could be worth a lot. and a lot more than you know.
  • yes but i would keep it

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