• I personally believe that when you truly love someone the sexual attraction comes along with it. I have often seen people not attracted sexually at all at first, but once they find they fell in love, the sexual chemistry came after. If you can't find the attraction in the love you have, then maybe it is not truly love. Just more a love of the persona as you would a friend.
  • Whether or not a relationship can survive without sex is based totally on the two people involved...I have been happily married for 20 years...but for 2 years I was really ill and sex was virtually impossible (thank goodness that is all over with) ..but the relationship wasn't lessened by was part of the 'for better, for worse' scenerio that we promised each other.
  • I imagine there was sexual attraction in your relationship previously. Sexual attraction is a very mental type of thing. Maybe your lack of sexual attraction comes from stress or lack of communication. Maybe you're only in love with the idea of who he used to be, and not the person he is now. If you love someone it doesn't matter if they look like hell, you'll still find them beautiful.
  • 2 years is a long time to be apart and still thinking about this. It sounds like it is time to move on. Had you asked the question when you were thinking of leaving him 2 years ago, I would have advised you to get marriage counselling.
  • in what why are u not attaracted to him?? in my opinion sex is very important.. but i dont think u should go ur separate ways for it! im having problems my self with sex but of a different nature. but i never thought of leaving him.. specially that u two are in love
  • Definitely sex is only a small part of a relationship.

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