• You should never take your tongue piercing out even if you think you may have an infection because this can cause your hole to close up trapping the infection inside your tongue. When i got my tongue pierced they warned me about this happening because i too thought my tongue was infected. I still kept my ring in my tongue and used listerine after smoking and eating for about a week and sometimes diluted it. Your best bet is to go back to where you got your tongue pierced and have them take a look at it since they are experienced professionals and they can give you more advice on what to do.
  • You need to go see a doctor and get some antibiotics to fight the infection. There is no home remedy to fix this sorry. your body may fight the infection on it's own but you should not wait and hope for the best when there is help available.
  • What they said. You can't leave it infected. Unless you don't value your tongue. In which case I wouldn't worry. But yeah anyway unless you wanna do permanent damage to your tongue I suggest you go see a docter. And why would you pierce it in the first place? lol :P Seems like the worst place on your body to put a piercing if anywhere.
  • Same things happening to me too... about a month ago i got my tongue done and now it seems like its swollen all around the ring... im not sure if its an infection or just swollen. i need help on the subject too ppl
  • Your infection can kill you ya know.

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