• As a guess I would say it is cos most paranormal activity can be explained by science. But that is just a guess.
  • I think the reason is that a large, growing number of scientists consider paranormal phenomena as being inside the scope of scientific research: "Approaching paranormal phenomena from a research perspective is often difficult because even when the phenomena are seen as real they may be difficult to explain using existing rules or theory. By definition, paranormal phenomena exist outside of conventional norms. Skeptics contend that they don't exist at all. Despite this challenge, studies on the paranormal are periodically conducted by researchers from various disciplines. Some researchers study just the beliefs in paranormal phenomena regardless of whether the phenomena actually exist. This section deals with various approaches to the paranormal including those scientific, pseudoscientific, and unscientific. Skeptics feel that supposed scientific approaches are actually pseudoscientific for several reasons which are explored below." Source and further information: (Note that the Wikipedia article rather supports the sceptic approach)
  • Where would you like it to be put? I ask this because I can't think of a better place off the top of my head.
  • Categories are supposed to make order, which means keep similar things together, and unsimilar things away from each other. Edit: Sry, this should have been a comment.

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