• no i do not use limewire. the reason being how can i justify the right to steal someone something someone else put so much effort into. how would i feel if someone stole something i put my heart and soul into?
  • No, I use utorrent, same concept though. From a neo-tribalist perspective it's awesome. Whatever non-violent thing I can do to make this system collapse is the only moral thing to do.
  • I use ares and utorrent. Limewire is tracked too much.
  • No, I do not use Limewire. However, I do use utorrent and eMule. As to the moral and ethical issues, I am fine with my usage. I do not download any music that I do not own on Disc, LP or other media except for trial purposes (deleted if I don't like it/purchased legally if I do) or because it is not available in NA (even then I sometimes pay for an import copy). My movie/TV shows downloading follows the same general outline. If I can get it legally, I will. If I can't, then I have no problem with obtaining an illegal copy. For example, until recently I had illegal copies of the movies "The Twilight Zone" and "The Monster Squad." When they were finally released on DVD, I immediately purchased them and destroyed my illegal copies. The unwillingness of certain rights-holders to release music/movies because they "don't see the market for it" (translation: won't make enough money) should not be a barrier to people who want to enjoy those same music/movies. When "WKRP in Cincinnati" is released on DVD with the original music, I will dispose of my illegal copies. When the local censor board (sorry, "film ratings board") finally allows the movie "Shortbus" to be sold in my area, I will get rid of my illegal copy. When the idiots at MGM finally release a widescreen version of "Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins..." I will destroy my illegal version. When Michael Mann finally gets his sh... stuff together and releases "The Keep" on DVD, I will get rid of my copy (not technically illegal since I do own it on Laserdisc). When whoever owns the rights finally releases Region 1 versions of great UK and Australian TV shows like "Life on Mars," "Sea Patrol," "Kath and Kim," and "Sugar Rush," I will gleefully dispose of my "illegal" versions. I consider myself in the ethical right and will continue my practices accordingly. Hope this helps
  • I use it and I don't feel a lick of guilt! ;-)
  • Once I used Limewire, back in '05, I even paid for the damn pro version but it's proven to be loaded with malware. Although it was never determined indefinitely, I believe it the culprit behind my HP desktop crashing. Particularly after my mother's laptop which she'd used Limewire on as well had essentially the exact same experience a year later and the tech professional who'd revived it had faulted Limewire. I then confirmed it with a scan. Currently, I use Vuze.
    • He Hate Me
      I use Vuze, too. I think it's the best client out there ATM.
    • Temperance Brennan
      I can concur, I've had great success with it apart from it commonly slowing down my Chrome's performance while running.

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