• To most teens and 20 somethings this will seem mild but to me it is a big deal. My oldest daughter has two sets of ear piercings.
  • my Bro (18) got arrested for underaged drinking about half a year ago because, for some reason,he went downtown to drink half a bottle of tequila which nearly killed him(double legal limit).
  • My oldest used to skate straight down the cemented sides of the river bed by our house. I didn't find out until he almost died from an auto accident at 17 and his friends were sitting around in his hospital room with me a few days later. My daughter, against my implicit instruction, would go to Hollywood at night with girlfriends to Gazzari's to see this band singer she was in love with. It's about 30 miles from where we lived and I didn't want her driving home on the freeway at night in case she had a flat tire or something. She was 16.
  • I went out of town, camping, my 17 year old son called me all excited and told me he painted the basement, I was happy at first, until I got home, him and some of his friends had spray painted my basement, graffiti style, I almost can unglued. He was very proud of it, he said he thought I would like it. He wrote I love you mom, down the ceiling, which was a drop ceiling. All of the comments were nice, like hit your knees. He is lucky he is still alive to talk about it. Him and his friends had to repaint my whole basement and ceiling tiles.
  • In 1982, my best friend was killed & I took it pretty bad so I became a dirtbag for a while & would drink a bottle of Bicardi 151 a few nights a week. I was 15 & the guy that I was going with gave me a choice, him or my Bicardi, I chose my Bicardi, LOL
  • Get arrested! He is only 16 too. Thankflully he didn't have to go to court.
  • Fortunately, my son is an adult..I would say the most insane thing he ever did I shall never know because he would never want to worry me so he would never tell me. I am happy to leave well enough alone and remain in the dark..what is the point of worrying retroactively? :)
  • My son dyed his hair. Not bad with everything else out there that he could have gotten mixed up with.
  • Well, im a teenager myself and I went through a phase where I did many insane things but the most insane thing I ever did was cut myself. It was stupid and risky and all it got me was almost a year of counsiling and the blame when my little sister started doing it too.
  • I am 15 years old. My mom is really relaxed about the rules: 1. Don't get yourself into trouble 2. Either be home by dark or let her know where you are. I don't know if this is just the type of person I am or not but I don't really go anywhere. I think I my mom had tight rules on me I would get pissed off and rebel. It also might have something to do with my friends though too, they aren't the partying type.
  • She went out with a gypsy who got her pregnant, took her away from us saying she had to learn his family's ways, his mother made her a slave while she went out with her own daughter. Now she is a victim of domestic violence, bouncing around from state to state with my 7 month old grand daughter whom I adore, and live a miserable life. Is that Insane?
  • Um, the most insane thing i did was cut myself...never...EVER do that, nothing that comes from it is worth it..hit a wall insted LOL.

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